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Make new friends

Once I had gone out shopping to the mall with parents. Suddenly, I saw my favourite pet shop and requested my parents to take me in. I had always wanted a cute puppy and thought I could find my friend there.
As soon as we got inside I saw a very cute puppy sitting all alone. I liked him a lot and decided that he would be my best friend forever. So we brought him home.
I named him ‘Aryan’. Aryan is brown and white, handsome Welsh corgi. He plays soccer with us and loves car ride and the cool wind. Most of all, he loves to play.
One day, when Aryan and I were playing, I heard a knock at the door. I ran to
open it and guess who was standing there? My friend Hanna. I was thrilled. But oh! She did not like dogs. She was afraid of them. I wanted to play with both Aryan and Hanna. But I was confused.
Then I got an idea. I told Hanna to give Aryan some treats so that he would stop barking at her. I wanted them to be friends, so all of us could play. Hanna did not like the idea at first. But she agreed later and Aryan was happy with all the treats.
He jumped on her and gave her a hug. Hanna loved it. The three of us had a
wonderful time.

Moral: Friendship is the priceless gift.

Ashraya Ananthanarayanan

Words of Appreciation

mehak good. Excellent. Keep up.

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