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Earth Hour

Earth Hour was celebrated on 28th March 2009. It was observed in 800 + cities and the people who practiced this put their lights off from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Earth hour was first celebrated in Sydney in 2007 – more than two million homes and businesses participated in this. India joined Earth Hour for the first time now and we were part of the 50 million people who switched the lights off. Earth Hour has been transformed into the world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming.
In Bangalore, we switched the lights off at 8:30PM and lit tiny tea candles. Our friend who had called us over had already decorated his house with candles. They made the living room look beautiful. We planned to read a few spooky stories. Due to the dim light, we were not able to read. I sat on the sofa and told the toddlers a scary story about a werewolf who haunted a swamp. The little ones were scared and we huddled together. After that, we started playing a few board games. It is amazing that how such regular board games look so much different in candle light. The flickering lights illuminated the room with dancing shadows and gave the room a magical aura.
We were disappointed when the lights finally had to come back on, because we were having so much fun. It is incredible how we can do both – have fun and do our bit in saving the resources of the Earth. We think the best thing that happens with Earth Hour is that it increases the awareness among people. And the fact that even though we are way below the age of 18, we get to actually vote for such an important cause – saving Mother Earth.
Try “Earth Hour“whenever you can. Realise what fun it can be while at the same time saving the precious resources of Earth.

Krishna S. Girish & Jasvith R. Basani

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