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Autobiography of a sticker

My life on the terrace is so long and boring after my adventure. Groan! Groan! Oh! Are you listening? I would like someone to listen to me, while I narrate my adventure. You can see that I am a sticker and that I have a picture of a star in front of me. You would not believe my story.
I was a part of a plant called papyrus. Some people pulled out the whole plant, beat it so badly that I became unconscious. The next thing I remember is having this picture on me and some sticking substance (glue) on my back. They stuck me onto some oily paper. Then I was taken to a home. The boy in the house stuck me to a box and took me to his school. When the teacher was not looking, he placed me and stuck me on to his friendís box. He plucked me and dropped me on the road. A man stepped on me and I got stuck on to his shoe. I dropped off, when he stepped into a puddle of water. Suddenly, it started to rain and I flowed into a drainage. I flowed on for quite a long distance and ended up in the sea. I got washed on to the beach and a wave took me on to the beach. Then wind took me into the air and I landed on the wind screen of a very old car. Then the car was taken to a place which was unmistakably a junkyard. They took a huge tube and placed it near me. Suddenly, air came through the tube taking me with it. In the end, I landed on the propeller of a helicopter. The propeller spun at top speed and I was flown on to the terrace.

Sushant Sam Varghese,
Std. VI A,
Loyola School,
Trivandrum, Kerala.

Words of Appreciation

K. Thomas Varghese Well done! Keep writing new stories and articles. May the Almighty bless you to reach new heights!
Rekhammachi Good job Sushant! The sticker did have quite an exciting life before reaching the terrace.No wonder it is bored now.Did you find it on your terrace?
Susmi (ur cousin susmi) Nice story. Elaborate on it, it'll be even more great. How did you get the idea? I want to hear from you. Please email me back!

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