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Indiscriminate cutting of trees

Everyone knows that trees release much-needed oxygen and that if we cut them down indiscriminately we are going to deny ourselves with the precious life breath. Lack of tree cover will also result in the trapping of greenhouse gases which will adversely effect the ozone layer and could cause diseases like leukemia and cancer.
The entire balance of the ecosystem is disturbed if trees are cut down. Many species have become extinct. The food chain begins to manifest gaps. This will ultimately prove dangerous to man. Trees are an integral part of the ecosystem is disturbed. The soil cover gets affected. It loses its fertility and firmness and soil erosion takes place, resulting in mud slides and land slides. The climate gets affected adversely when trees are cut down. The moisture content in the atmosphere gets reduced drastically and cloud formation is greatly reduced. As a result temperature rises and we face situations of drought. Our crops suffer. Or there are unseasonal rains which are again harmful to the crops.
So for all these reasons, we need to put a stop to this thoughtless deforestation. Government laws regarding cutting down of trees should be very strict. People should be made aware of the importance of trees through the media. Tree plantation programmes should be taken up on a war-floating. Then only will be able to save our plant.

Tanvi Patni & Nimisha Taori
Bhavan’s Lloyds Vidya Niketan

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jelma you're right. you have the best explanation
vishrut Very good article and should be published in the newspaper.
Ashwin Kumar G V Indeed very good article. Should be published.
N.S.Rajalekshmi Yes,you are right.We should take an initiative to stop cutting the trees which affects us in a great manner.
Zain Mhammed That is a very good explanation. I had to write an essay about trees and I wrote this.
Ranak Banerjee Awesome article.
Aneeta Very well written. Excellent.
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