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Sariska National Park

Sariska National Park is a national park which is located in Rajasthan covering an area of 800 km. in Aravali hills. There are variety of animals in this park such as leopards, sambhar, chitals, nilgai wild bore, langur, four horned antelope, hyena, jungle cat, etc. This park became a part of a ‘Project Tiger’ in the year 1979 and a national park in 1982. The unfortunate thing about this park is that though it is a National Park and also a part of the Project Tiger, it has No Tigers Left in it.
‘Project Tiger’ is a scheme started by the Indian Government in the year 1973 to save tigers of India. In this scheme the park gets funds to save tigers. In spite of this the national park committee could not save the tigers of Sariska from extinction.
Today’s children should save animals to save jungles. If we do not save the animals then they will die and if no animals are left in the forests then the forests will be destroyed. If the forests are destroyed then many rivers will have less water because most of the Indian rivers originate in the forests. So I think that todays children should help to save the rich wildlife. If you want to save the wildlife then you can do things such as give donations, visit a national park or sanctuary, join organizations or if not then just make people awake and tell them the importance of wildlife and why to save animals.

Deep Dehadray
Std:-7th C
Vikhe Patil Memorial School

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