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In the world of technological modernization, mass media, which includes electronic and print media, is deeply embedded in the society. What to say about newspaper, TV etc, the Internet has become a household commodity. As now our life keeps on evolving and is dependent on the media so its influence in shaping people’s idea and their ways of thinking cannot be neglected. But it is we who are to decide that to what extent should the media affect our life.
To begin with we can say that it is only the media through which people come to know about the different products. It gives ground to the advertisers to exhibit their products. These items are presented in such a way that it allures the public. That results in developing the ideas regarding that very product. Besides the bewilderment that advertising causes in many cases, sometimes strange but sensational commercials on TV can cost heavily on one’s pocket or even to one’s life. People to flaunt also, occasionally buy the most expensive brand shown on media. This control of media on common man is leading him towards consumerism and materialism, in which attachment with materialistic things is more than the emotional one.
Furthermore we can say that sometimes articles, features or soap operas published or shown on different media are sometimes closely related to the life of a person. Some viewers feel the similarity of the situation. So unknowingly they start reacting in a way shown on Television. So this is a hold of media on their personality.
Last but not the least, the purpose of the media is to spread awareness and let the general public know what is happening around them. Because of its global network, the media brings to the public the immediacy of what is happening within and outside the national frontier. This is done in the form of news. News moulds the public opinion. Detailed news, debates, interviews with experts help to create a mental picture of the whole scenario. People come to know what is right and what is wrong for them. The best example to this can be that people cast their votes only after getting information about a political party. And they get this information from any of these media.
The mass media puts an impact on people’s mind to conceive an idea. With the Internet this influence will further increase and in future people will rely more on different media to form an opinion on an idea.

By: Ramandeep Kaur

Words of Appreciation

Parry People are becoming more and more aware nowadays and this is only due to the media. But at the same time we have to keep a check on this so that it does not misguide our Gen X.
Sarooty This topic is for grown ups. I read newspaper every day. But I like watching the news in T.V. That is more easy to understand. May be the pictures help a lot. I can easily recognize a political leader but most of the students in my class recognize only the film stars! Animal Planet helps me to learn more about different types of snakes.
Harpreet Singh Appreciate the way you have written the article, but some specific real examples of life you should give in support..
vinay dhapalapur Details of for and aganist of mass media moulds personality.
Santosh Kadam Good article, but need more information on this topic like location of traning centers ; fees ; etc
Poornima A realistic article. Please tell us something about where in India media education is best. I mean the institutes specific to mass media. I am doing 3rd year B.E.
banani debnath Nice article, but need more quality work.
shifa Good. Keep it up. Good luck.
moyna You have emphasised more on negative points while mentioning less about its postive points.
karabi Should have mentioned on positive effects also.
mohammed ali Should have mentioned on the positive effects also.
mini Media is becoming more wider with the changing time. We the general public is fully dependent on what the media provides us. So it is their responsibility and duty to serve us what is authentic and real in simple way so that it is understood by each and everyone.

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