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Quiz by Sneh

1. When both 16 and 9 are divided by n the remainder is 2. What is n ?
A) 3 , B) 4 , C) 5 ,D) 7

Ans. D

2. The sum of the digits of a three-digit number is 16. If the tens digit of the number is 3 times the unit digit and the units digit is 1/4 of the hundreds digit, then what is the number?
A) 446, B) 561, C) 682, D) 862

Ans. D

3. What is the height of Angel Falls?
A) 590 m B) 690m C) 979m D) 897m.

Ans. C

4. What is the nickname of Nilgiri Hills?
A) The Blue Hills B) The Green Hills C) The Green Hills D) The Yellow Hills

Ans. A

5. Which football team won the Football World Cup of 1986?
A) Italy B) Spain C) Argentina D) France

Ans. C

Sneh Rathod
BVB's Narmada Vidyalaya, Bharuch
Std. 7th

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