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Value of Good Character

Character is the sum total of one’s mental and moral qualities. It could be good or bad, strong or weak, stable and unstable. When we say a person has a good character, it means that he is a sincere, honest, tolerant, helpful and dependable person. On the other hand when we talk of someone who lacks good character, it means that he is a selfish, cheat, liar and unreliable person. Character is something that each individual builds for himself. The home is the most important place for building one’s character. We come across men of sterling qualities who may not have money or property, yet they are strong in heart and rich in spirit. A man who understands and corrects himself can achieve success. Don’t think that by putting a good appearance you become good. Character cannot be built in a day. It is a slow process. Every action, every thought and every feeling of our life contributes to it. A man of character is an inspiration to others. If such a man is appointed to a high office immediately everyone feels that things will improve. Learn the life of great man and their characters. They may die but their thought prevail to guide and enlighten others. Their life becomes a beacon to the human race and enlightens the path. So I request all of you to have a good character.

Magnus V. M
Bhavan’s Adarsha Vidyalaya
Kakkanad, Kochi

Words of Appreciation

Anjelina Wagh I totally agree with your narrative. If you allow me to be gender-neutral and quote you, "A person who understands and corrects himself can achieve success." is something that kids should imbibe and practice if they want to be successful in life. This is one of the many keys to the success of successful people.
arvind This same content is there in a book!!

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