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Chair is a piece of furniture. It is usually made of wood, cane, steel, plastic, aluminium, fibreglass and also of cloth stuffed with foam. Its nearest cousin is a bench of wood, steel or cement, and sometimes crossbred. The inanimate chair animates all. When tired, even a rickety chair is coveted. When panicky even the best of chair cannot make one sit. Where men are too many compared to the few chairs, we see plucky swiftness in the standees to occupy one falling vacant. Keener is the competition for chairs of authority, so much so, that the chairman is all important. Without the chair, he is one of us. The members of the Lok Sabha address the Chair, amply manifest in case the Speaker is dosing. Men spend a fortune for occupying a chair in the legislature, though with little to do. They make hectic efforts to get a ministerial chair. It is the chair of the justice that makes him honourable. It is from this chair that he can put a man to death merely by his pen. Pen never kills; the chair does. The revolving chair is most suited to those who change directions. It is a sitting version of turncoats.

Though not an instrument of music, we all know of musical chairs. These play a significant role at birthday parties. The children might not be paying so much attention to God while offering prayer as to the chair when going around while the music is on. This game is played throughout their life. The child is the father of man, said someone. The rocking chair is the father of all chairs insofar as it is the cradle for adults who despite old age prefer adolescence. The wheelchair bestows parental affection. A child has the exclusive right to the small chair notwithstanding the fondness of all the family members for the cute chair. When a boy in the class is asked to stand in a corner as a punishment, the loss of chair is loss of face. All men who matter need a chair, except the surgeon. There is the electrocution chair where nobody likes to sit, but if he does, it is the last chair of life.

Omesh Bharatiya
Bhavan’s Public School
Jubilee Hills,
Andhra Pradesh

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