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Summer is Here

It is summer time in India now. Temperatures are soaring and everybody is trying different things to save themselves from the scorching heat. Nevertheless, summers are not that unwelcome, as it seems. Children especially wait for summers because they have vacations .They can play a lot. They can eat ice creams. Fathers bring big green watermelons and varieties of mangoes while returning home from workplaces .Mothers and grandmothers make pickles, jams, jellies and marmalades .Children enjoy homemade drinks, sherbets, mom-made Rasna and Milk Shakes. Some even enjoy aerated drinks though they are aware of their ill effects. Cousins visit each other and (except some scolding from mothers for playing in the sun and drinking water thereafter) its fun time, in general.
However, do not think that only you are enjoying the summer! I mean only we humans do not enjoy summer .This rosy picture of a typical summer time in India gets marred when by chance our eyes see a reptile – a chameleon , lizard, iguana or a mighty snake(who comes out in the evening to have an “evening walk” ).Instantly we scream, run for life and call others. Depending on the distance between them and us, we react. The reactions of women esp. are worth noting. They scream loudly. Some go dumb and numb. If the lizard is in the kitchen, the chances of food being cooked are directly proportional to the distance between the cooking platform and the lizard. If the lizard is in the bathroom, the taps enjoy a holiday and if it is in the toilet …
The acrobatics of snakes needs a mention too. They occupy vehicles’ silencers, rods of windows, branches of trees and climbers, old pipes and comparatively cooler surfaces. They generally come out in the evening .Children should avoid going in thick bushes to pick up a ball. The iguanas are not as conspicuous as the snakes or lizards but they are dangerous because they are very powerful. They have a great grasping ability and a single human cannot deal with them. Killing them is not easy and not a good step too. Experts from forest departments should be called immediately and a watch should be kept on them because they do move very fast and feign inactivity .But they may befool us.
Except such interruptions, the summer is for enjoyment. The chilled ‘lassi’,’malai kulfi’ and sugarcane juice are waiting for you. Enjoy it fully and make your summer memorable.

Samruddhi Pathak

Words of Appreciation

shivani parmar Hey the content is really nice , it reminds me of my childhood summers its so logical and well written congrats.
meeta Verma Excellently written. It reminds me of the ways my summers are spent. Even I feel an aversion towards these reptiles, you know!But nevertheless you have to accept them. Well written.
priyanka nigam Hey samradhi You are just too gud. You have done an excellent job dear.
NITIN SWAMY hello didi its a really nice article and it seems that you have worked hard to give it a nice touch. congrats.
Samruddhi Thanks all of you for your views. Looking for future support too !
VIG yeah.... you have really presented a very fascinating part of summer.Even the bad part of it is so well presented that it seems so wonderful and full of fun. While reading the whole thing only one thought was hovering in my mind that how pity and helpless would they feel who never enjoyed this part of summer and kept cursing this season. Really a nice work!!!! Shows your optimistic thinking. Well done!
Anushri.. Hey it remembers me my 'nanighar', where me n my cousins enjoyed a lot.. article also explain some useful things n guidelines to the children.. well done Sam.
Twinkle suthar Hey samruddhi, excellent job. Specially the way you have beautifully presented the positive and negative side of summer at the same time. It reminds me of my summer vacation.
Priyanka Simply Amazing.

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