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The scenario of today’s life is almost the same everywhere. This multi-cellular man has achieved so much that his own life is becoming a mess. He is so much involved in his life that he does not have time even for himself. But nature is not like this. To save her utmost precious creation she has provided mankind with the 'gift of music'. The music whether traditional or international, touches the cords of the heart and gives a feeling of relaxation by breaking the hectic schedule of life.
Every single person these days has the same routine- starting the day with the newspaper, then heading for office and after spending more than half of the day there coming back fully exhausted and tired.
School or college going children also face the same problem of dullness in life. But music is there to rejuvenate them and give them the feeling of placidity.
The music besides acting as a relaxant also presents the picture of the culture and tradition of the place to which it belongs. It is related to each and every ceremony of life. From cradle to grave we have the music associations.
Music has a language of its own. Like divine creator it does not differentiate but just keeps on serving the people. Music, besides colour, personal shrines, is another way to add peacefulness to our surroundings. Modern studies show that relaxing with music can have significant physiological benefits by raising our endorphin levels much like hard exercise does.
Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician, taught that the right sequence of sounds played on a musical instrument could change behaviour patterns. Listening to melodious music can change our stressful feelings into feelings of relaxation and revitalization.
Music can help people communicate and express their emotions. Everyday people request songs on the radio because the songs reflect an emotion to them. Lovers request love songs for each other. Enemies request hate songs.
As much as music can emit emotions, music can also change emotions. A hectic day can be converted into a soothing one with music only. Music can also help people to remember. Like children at schools are made to sing rhymes on certain tunes. This helps them to memorize the given task.
Music can change people’s lives in unimaginable ways. It can give strength to people and can change their attitude towards life. Nowadays people are committing crimes, children are bunking classes and dropping out of school, becoming drug addicted. No one really knows what to do to curb all these. If music is given a chance then it can do wonders. It channelises the energy of the youth and makes them a perfect human being. So to live life in a better way add music to your life.

Ramandeep Kaur

Words of Appreciation

Kusum I think it is right, closeness to any kind of art helps a person to move on a right track and music is one of them. It is the best friend when we are alone. It changes our mood. Well written…
Santosh Great grammar 'n stuff but I don't agree on the "lovers request love songs and enemies request hate songs". It doesn't have to be like that, one might like a song because of the music. I like Death Metal music, doesn't necessarily mean I'm hateful and violent. A lover too could request for hate songs…
Parry Good music always changes the mood, whether its a slow music or fast music. You can see instant change in the mood of a person. Nice article!! 
Vasu from GEC Raipur We should always listen good music. Now the question is why we listen to music? Some have interest in music whereas some are having it as a profession. Talking about myself, I am literally busy with Computers and other related works with students (of course my brothers & sisters)in my college. But I used to listen to music almost 12-15 hours daily. I really get myself refreshed with music and feel very enthusiastic for my every new work and also feel cool while talking with students.
swati mohta Very good!!!!!!!
S B Choudhary Nice article !! Keep it up.

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