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India is a land of plenty. From the snow clad Himalayas to the bejewelled Kanyakumari, she exhibits an extravagant display of vibrant festivals, exhirating cultures, peculiar customs, fascinating natural beauty and mesmerising variety of colours and celebrations which reverberate the glory of Mother India here and abroad. She is seated on the lap of nature decorated by lush green virgin jungles. She is traversed by many rivers which form her ornaments. She wears a diamond crown with a pearlescent glow, which is nothing but the lofty peaks of the Himalayas and their mystic beauty. In a nutshell, man has peacefully coexisted with nature from days of yore in Bharat. Rivers have traditionally been revered in Bharat, for they have been the lifeline of this great nation. Their banks are dotted with emerald trees and lush green vegetation. Our farmers have been the backbone of this country. They toil day and night with scythes and poughs in their hands to reap a good harvest and when the first green shoots of fresh crops emerge from the soil their joy knows no bounds. Their respect and reverance for nature's blessing is translated into festivals. This symbiotic association between man and nature has been so strong that it has led to peace, prosperity, harmony and happiness. But with the increasing number of farmer suicides, will this unique tradition of peaceful coexistence with nature flourish forever? NOW IT IS TIME FOR THE STUDENT COMMUNITY TO REFLECT.

Std. 9
Bhavan's R.S Puram Coimbatore
Tamil Nadu

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Ishita Bhattacharjee The essay helped me a lot. Thanx!
vaishnavi deshmukh Your essay is very nice. I liked this essay.
kushagra Thanks a lot.
sibaram Amazing!
bunny lakhe thanks. your easy helped me a lot.tankyou very much.
Sofia shetty Superbbb essay...helped me for my speech...thnk u...keep going...

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