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Water –A precious gift for life


Water (H2O) is called the precursor of life forms on planet Earth. Our planet Earth contains 3/4th part as water out of which 3% is available for our day to day life. The incessant population growth has created a tremendous pressure on fresh water reserve and it is being said that if we will not use this tiny resource wisely, the existence of life on blue planet will be at verge of extinction. Thus it is imperative for us to conserve it and use judiciously in our day to day life.

Tips to save water

 The taps should be turned off after use.
 Take bath by filling water in tub/ bucket instead of shower or running tap.
 Prefer watering the plants with water already used in kitchen.
 Use cistern in toilets with lesser capacity.
 Floods should be controlled by constructing dams and reservoirs.
 Recycling of water from factories and sewages should be preferred before its disposal.
 Water harvesting should be encouraged.
 More trees should be grown to increase the level of underground water.
 Better methods of irrigation like drip irrigation should be followed.
 People should be educated about the utility of water.
 We should control the excessive use of pesticides and chemical to avoid water pollution.
 Use chemicals like ozone to destroy harmful micro organisms in water.
 Filtration of drinking water should be encouraged.
 House hold wastes should not be thrown into open drains, rivers, lakes, ponds, seas etc.
 Avoid cleaning of utensils and other works near the source of water.
 The government should launch plans for purification of water in rivers, lakes and ponds.
 The use of synthetic detergents should be discouraged.
 Prefer water saver taps.

Let us resolve today to use this tips and conserve water for future. Thus help the incoming generation to live on this beautiful planet.

Hitesh P Sahani & Bhavik H Patel
Std: 8
Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketan

Words of Appreciation

akhila While writing about anything it must have have some variety. Well done Hitesh and Bhavik!
tasneem This is very nice introduction.
tasneem This is better for school work.
Rewa Very Very Boring

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