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Chowmahalla Palace

Location: Kilwat (near Charminar)
Phone: 9140 24522032
H.E.H. The Nizam’s Private Estate
Entry Fee: Adult. Rs.25
Timings: 10AM- 4.30 P.M
Friday Holiday

Chowmahalla Palace was once the centre of Hyderabad. It was the seat of the Asaf Jahi dynasty where the Nizam entertained his official guests and royal visitors.
While Salabat Jung (Nizam's Prime Minister) initiated its construction in 1750, it was completed by the Nizam sometimes around 1857. It is also believed to be a replica of Shah of Iran's palace in Teheran. The palace is unique for its style and elegance. Construction of the other palaces in the premises began in the late 18th Century and over the decades a synthesis of many architectural styles and influences emerged.
The palace originally covered 45 acres but only 14 acres remain. This complex today consists of two courtyards with elegant palaces, the grand Khilwat (the Durbar Hall), fountains and gardens.
Khilwat Mubarak
This is the heart of the Chowmahalla Palace. It is held in high esteem of the people of Hyderabad as it was the seat of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. The grand pillared Durbar Hall has a pure marble platform on which the Takht-e-Nishan or the royal seat was laid. Here the Nizams held their durbar and other religious and symbolic ceremonies. The 19 spectacular Chandeliers of Belgian crystal recently reinstalled to recreate the lost splendor of this regal hall.

Bara Imam
A long corridor of rooms on the east side face the central fountain and pool that, once housed the administrative wing.

Opposite the Bara Imam is a building that is its shishe or mirror image. The rooms were once the used as guest rooms for officials accompanying visiting dignitaries. This now forms a Craft Centre for the demonstration and sale of Indian Crafts.
Council Hall
This building housed a rare collection of manuscripts and priceless books and the Nizam often met the important officials here. Today it is venue for temporary exhibitions from the treasures of the Chowmahalla Palace Collection that offer you a glimpse of a bygone era.

My Experience and Opinion:
Chawmahalla Palace is very elegant. I have never seen such a palace before. The greenery around and the fountains present an attaded attraction. The photo gallery gives a clear picture about the Nizams of Hyderabad. The other things like Marble Throne, Dining Table, swords and daggers, Chandelliars add the grandeaur to the palace.
The buggies and the Chariots displayed on the lawns create the feeling that you are the real witness to the past glory.
It reflects the rich cultural heritage of Hyderabad.It is being maintained very well.

Kunal Singh
Class:VI / D
B.V.B.P.School; Jubilee Hills.

Words of Appreciation

jameel FYI Salabaj Jung was Nizam and not PM. He himself became Nizam without the recognisation from the then Mugal Emperor.

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