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Let there be a season for gratitude

Season and seasons is and always shall be the oldest clock or time piece or watch to tell time. The English grammar speaks of the past, becoming the present and the present becoming the future is movement. Changes of Time and form are given by man for his own convenience “What we call as season?”
Seasons denote change and change is the wheel, that moves on and on every minute every hour and every second or even a fraction of a second. HW Long fellow wrote in his poem “The Psalm of Life”-quote
“Not enjoyment and not sorrow
Is our destined end or way
But to act that each tomorrow
Finds us further than today.”
Man and all living beings including plants and animals are influenced greatly by seasons. The behaviour pattern mixes and mingles with seasons. During the summer season in tropical countries like India and Africa due to the torturing heat of the sun one becomes lethargic and movements are slow and sluggish. The dress and fashions are dependent on seasons.
The season changes and rainy season sets in to look forward to greenery and it is a joy to see beautiful lawns and meadows flushed all round, out come the raincoats and umbrellas.
Winter season in countries away from the equator woolies and blankets take the place of cottons. The air conditioners are given a holiday and bathing in warm water is a pleasure. Cozy one feels snug in front of a fire place and await for the sunlight to bask in the sun.
Like the rainbow colours mans behaviour is witnessed and seen vividly as especially in India the festivals take place like Diwali, Durga pooja, Pongal, Ramzan and Christmas not forgetting the marriage season celebrated with all pomp and show. Everybody exhibits their best of Attire, jewels get a breather and joy and smiles replace depression with change of seasons.
Games too change with the seasons, indoor games are replaced, as outdoor games are not possible.
Such is the influence of Man, animals who hibernate in winter and plants that shed their leaves and later bloom with the best of flowers. Fruits too remind us of the change of seasons.
Seasons are centered around the position of the sun. But which is season to show gratitude to the lord?

Bharat Hiteshi

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