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If Trees start growing money

Trees start growing money!! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well unfortunately it is a dream and a distant one at that. Still, who says we can’t dream.
If this dream is to come true, it would solve one of the world’s greatest threats and problems-deforestation. I mean, who would want to cut down trees which may give them more money when it stays than when it is cut! It would also make the police force meet their ends. No robberies!! Why would anyone want to steal money when he can get it fresh from his tree?
And what about global warming issue? It would disappear with the extinction of woodcutters and new ones getting planted by everyone around the globe. Earth would stay the green planet, getting greener by the hour!!
Life would be really easy if money grew on trees. And that too could pose a problem. When it is so easy, people would not want to work. This would lead to bigger problems. The country would not develop. And who would want an underdeveloped, lazy nation without any innovations happening!!
Thinking of it on the whole, I’d prefer money growing on trees to remain a distant dream.

Amarnath Duleep
Bhavan’s Chevayur, Calicut

Words of Appreciation

Ritu Wow! you have done a great job. May God fulfil your dream! Keep it up.
ayushicool excellent.KEEP UP THE GRRRRREAT WORK!

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