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My Twin Sister

Nidhi and Neha are twin sisters now ten-year old. Nidhi has written the following para how she looked at her twin sister as she opened her eyes in the hospital.
“My eyes just snapped open; I stared all around the room thinking how could I have missed this? Right next to me I saw another thing that looked just like me. I started to look over it when I was distracted by some sounds. A very big thing pointed at me and at the thing next to me and said something like “twins”. So now I knew that we were called twins. What a weird name I thought as I went back to looking over the “twin”. She had pink “skin” all around her and black “fuzz” on the top of her. I looked on other side of me and saw another “twin” but that twin did not look at all like us. It had blue skin and orange-red “fuzz” on the top of him and his eyes weren’t open yet. What a new and interesting world I thought, as I slowly drifted off to Dreamland. “


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