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Live life up to the brim. Never leave it half and let it overflow.
Let not even the "brim" be the deadline.
Our mind is a kitchen. Keep using good ingredients to cook something great out of it and make the eaters happy when you serve it.
Most of the time when we are in dilemma we keep on playing tug of war with our brain.
Never do this as the game continues for long, the rope will break. Strengthen your force on one side which is right and the evil of the other side would disappear allowing only you to pull the rope on your side.
Incense sticks are used to spread a kind of smell which creates delight and its fragrance lasts until its life come to an end. Let your body be the incense stick and lips be the one to spread the fragrance.
There is nothing in this world with which we can be sad. Keep putting good thoughts and push out the bad ones from your mind. Remember-when we breathe in oxygen, carbon dioxide needs to be eliminated, but if we would never breathe in oxygen, carbon dioxide will never escape.

Aishwarya Goyal
Bhavan's Vidyalaya

Words of Appreciation

Haripriya EXCELLENT!!!!
Nikhil Vey well done!!! Just brilliant. Actually words aren't enough. I believe we have another Shakespeare! Keep Going!
Siddharth Goyal Some really impressive writing! The comparisons you have used are wonderful.
saanya my gosh....what thoughts!!!Really beautiful. Wonderful. Delightful. Wow.
saanya My gosh. What thoughts!!! It's really beautiful, wonderful, delightful. Wow.
vijeta I like the way through which you have given the value of human nature. Its very true. I like it.
anshul keep up the good work. God bless!

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