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Dinosaurs and their descendants

Dinosaurs are ancient creatures, which lived on the earth millions of years ago. What is left of them now are bones which have been hardened over the years called fossils. Fossils are remains of living components, which have mixed with mud and soil. After a period of 6 million years the first humans appeared on earth. Over the years’ technology improved, and life became more and more complicated until today.
It is said that the only living descendants of these magnificent creatures are modern birds. Rumour is that dinosaurs evolved into birds. The first living bird-like creatures were called Archaeopteryx. Archaeopteryx had feathers but couldn’t fly. Instead they resolved to gliding from branches. For example, a dinosaur slowly grew feathers over a period of time. With these feathers they were able to leap from tree to tree. Slowly, these feathers evolved into wings and enabled the dinosaur to glide from one place to another. Over a period of time, these wings became better and the muscles became stronger, and they finally became the first birds. It is good if birds are studied carefully, and if they are, there is a chance that we may find out more about dinosaur bones. With the dinosaurs, there were also aquatic animals.
Today’s sea creatures, such as sharks, whales and fish, are descendants of these ancient aquatic creatures. The people who excavate and study about dinosaurs are called paleontologists. When we reach a higher level of technology, we might be able to extract DNA from fossils and recreate genetically engineered dinosaurs. If we can do this, we can even reverse the extinction of these great creatures.

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