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God is the most beautiful and wonderful thing that gave birth to mankind and made available all those things that were needed by the human being to live on this pleasant planet.
If we look at the wider picture, God actually gave birth to us, so we all are part of the God.
He has lent this life to us to live and enjoy the nature of the world.
But we human beings forget that to live and come up to the god's expectations we have to work and earn our livelihood, we forget every thing after developing beautiful thoughts into action.
I'm not denying the fact that human beings have a beautiful gift of converting our own creative thoughts into mind blowing and impressive words, through which we can impress any person and even with magic of these wonderful, cheering words we can even help and can change the state of mind of any person.
So at the end I would like to conclude that as human beings we should not waste away our lives like that, when we have got such a great opportunity in our hands we should utilise it.
We should not disappoint our God by leaving His assigned work incomplete.
So key for the success is Hard work done with combination of nice thoughts and courage and getting more focus and clearer about our aim in life.

By Anuj

Words of Appreciation

Shreya Have you seen god? If not, how can you be so sure that he even exists. I don't believe in any god, or supreme being whatsoever. No offence intended though. All I say is, believe in what you see and what you feel, not in something which you have never seen... And if you still believe god exists, why is "He" called "God"? If there still is evil, pain, suffering, hunger, illness and many other problems in the world? Think about it..
Anonymous God will be very happy of what you have written Anuj. It is true that man has forgotten all his duties and is going on the wrong path, you can do something about it. In fact, we can do something about it. You can help by reminding others to pray before starting or ending the day. However I disagree with Shreya. God is around us Shreya. One day I had a test and I was very scared as I had not prepared for it. I prayed a small prayer and I got 9 upon 10! See, God is around us okay!
Kiran Concerning the comments of Shreya, I think you are an atheist. Who has told you read this if you don't believe in God!! Like happiness, peace or other things that are not tangible, God is the same which we cannot see with our naked eyes but we can feel his presence!!! 
Aditi Anuj, true very true. Faith in GOD helps a lot. Shreya, I don't think that you should think only about the negative aspects of life. Anyways, we are just a tiny drop in this vast ocean of mankind. But if we could make its water sweeter, where else shall we find such happiness.
Akshay I feel that what Anuj wrote is extremely nice I think Anuj has lot of talents in him. Keep writing such articles. Well done Anuj keep it up!
Kelly Anuj I really apreciate whatever you have written about God . He is all around us but we are so absentminded we dont even notice but atleast we know that God is around us every where we go, no matter how far the place is,no matter how dangerous the place is , God is always with us and he will always be . ALL THAT WE NEED IS FAITH . Shreya you got the opportunity to give the first comment and you have been so rude... Post a message right here and say you were mistaken Shreya ! I LOVE GOD GOD CREATED ME HE IS ALL OVER HE IS WITH ME
Henning Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. (Carl Sagan said that). Just because Shreya cannot see or feel God does not mean He's not there. Just because Kelly can feel God does not mean He is. I like Anuj's call to enjoy this world, this life. So many people worry only about the next world, the afterlife... and they neglect to care for people, nature-- the stuff of beauty around them here and now.
rahul It is not so that which you cannot see it does not exist. So I really belive in that.
ankur He is there. God loves all. You people need proof? Try my formula. There are things 2.meditation others 4. music. If one gets completely involved into it, one can feel the presence of god. Please try it. Thankyou god for I am part of you. Bye.
joyjit Anuj you are right that 'Faith in God' helps a lot.
Namrata I liked your article. Shreya has commented negatively in your article. Never mind it. I believe in God. Keep writing more. I am studying in 4th std.
ila As we cannot see god doesn't mean that He is not there.Like what kiran said,we cannot see Him but we can feel His presence.Like our brain.We cannot see it with our naked eyes but we know it is there.

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