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Life on Another Planet

I was wondering what to do without any food. I sat there silently looking at the wrecks of my space module. I couldn’t repair it as it was destroyed completely. Suddenly, I saw three masked people looking at me. They said something to one another. Then they came near me. One held my hand and put it on his forehead, as a kind of greeting. Others followed. I thought, I did the same to them. It was the aliens who had wrecked my ship. I felt angry but I couldn’t do anything. They led me to their space craft which was hidden inside a crater. We went inside and I was made to sit on a chair with seat belts. They pushed a red button which started the engine. The spaceship took off. It started travelling in a great speed away from earth. I was afraid and I had to hang on to my seat. They soon slowed down and I felt the spaceship going down and it suddenly stopped. We had landed on a planet far from Earth. I could now see the faces of the aliens. They were horrid but friendly. They had apologetical faces that said sorry to me for the destruction of my spacecraft. The people on the planet greeted me. It had a lot of greenery. So, I thought, Earth was not the only planet with life. I decided to live here, away from the sorrows and miseries of Earth. I was given a good house by the elder aliens. The house overlooked a beautiful river. I was a bachelor, so I decided to live there until my death.

Ashwin S,
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kodunganoor.

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