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The Kind of India I want

I do not have any Utopian dream like milk and honey flowing in my country. My expectations are very reasonable and feasible. The great Tamil saint-poet Tiruvalluvar described a good country as one where people are free from diseases, literate, enjoy prosperity and above all where there is plenty of wealth in the form of natural resources and agricultural production.
In a democracy the real power lies in the hands of the common man. Indian democracy is an exemplary one and stands on three pillars: the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary. The fourth unofficial pillar is a FREE PRESS which keeps a tab on the working of the three important organs on which the Indian democracy rests.
Unfortunately the people of India do not take the elections seriously and do not turn out in full strength with the result individuals chosen by the people are not truly representative. Money and muscle power prevails and undesirable elements enter the legislative bodies including the Parliament and rule the roost. Legislative bodies are not allowed to function and the proceedings are disturbed. The executive including the police are hand in glove with corrupt politicians and vitiate the atmosphere. The Judiciary is not allowed to function independently and the backlog of arrears in the various courts speaks volumes about the delay in the dispensation of justice.
I want to build or live in a country which is free from the shortcomings listed above which are only illustrative and not comprehensive.
All this is possible only with the active cooperation of the people especially the younger generation.

Arun Subramanian,
11th B,
Ramjas School,
New Delhi

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Daljeet Singh Very good and informative.

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