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Why is India still not developed?

India, though very cultured, is not yet developed. It is 60 years since we got independence from British, but even then is there any successful development implemented? We all are merely enjoying the freedom given to us by those brave fighters. I must say that the public is one of the most important factors that can alter our India. Spitting in public places, not following the traffic rules, defecating in public places, throwing waste on roads etc. don’t you think at least one among these things are committed by you? We cannot blame the public alone. The government is getting such a huge amount of money through the taxes we pay, but still are the roads properly maintained? The government should provide dustbins in the cities. They can be placed every 100metres away from each other. Especially this can reduce spitting of ‘paan’ and waste. Then there should be ‘pay and use’ toilets in all areas for clean surroundings. Singapore for example is a small nation but a very developed one. Indians are mostly well educated which makes it easy to put into action rules and to follow them. Therefore, as individuals shouldn’t we help our nation through small-small steps for big result?

Kaushika Nair
B.V.M Elamakkara, Kochi

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