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I am Madhurima a class IV student from Bhavan Sri Ramakrishna School at Sainikpuri, Hyderabad.
The moment exams were over, I was thrilled as we were all going to Vishakapatnam for holidays.
I along with my brother Tushar who is an LKG student in my school started planning and packing for our trip. My cousin Mrinalini [the smallest kid in our family] came with us and we travelled to Vishakapatnam – The city of destiny.
We visited all the places in Vizag, the beaches, the temples, the submarine, the fishpond etc. We used to move from place to place and enjoyed good food and Ice cream…
We did some outdoor tours to Borra caves, Thotlakonda and Aruku valley.
Borra Caves are located at distance of 90 km from Vishakapatnam. They are spread over the Eastern Ghats and occupy an area of 2 square kilometres. The one-million-year-old caves are situated at a height 1400 feet above the sea level.
Gosthani River was once upon a time flowing over the limestone area. Due to the pressure exerted by the river water on the mineral deposits, the limestone dissolved and gradually the caves were formed. In the process, several interesting structures like - a mushroom, a temple, a mosque, a church and many more were formed.
This Buddhist settlement is located on the hill-top of Mangamaripeta village, 16 km. away from Vishakapatnam town along Vizag-Bheemli beach road.
In Telugu thotti means 'cistern' & konda means 'hill' and Thotlakonda means hill of cisterns.
Among structures unearthed are an extensive monastic complex, comprising a mahastupa, circular chaityagrihas, rock cut cisterns, a congregation hall, a refractory, pathways along with Roman and Satavahana coins and stucco prices dating from 3rd BC to 3rd AD. Altogether 12 brahmi inscriptions engraved on chattra pieces, stone troughs, stone steps etc., have been found.
Important cultural materials excavated at Thotlakonda comprise pottery, beads, bangle pieces, tiles, stuccos, iron objects, sculptures, moulded bricks, inscriptions, coins, etc.

Madhurima Sappatti

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