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Open Season – Film Review

ELLIOT - Ashton Kutcher
BOOG - Martin Lawrence
BETH - Debra Messing
Directors: Roger Allers, Jill Culton and Anthony Stacchi
Original Story By: Steve Moore and John Carls
Producer: Michelle Murdocca
Executive Producers: Steve Moore and John Carls

I went to see the preview with my teacher and my school friends. It is not a classic but a nice hilarious animation which all and sundry will enjoy .I shouldn’t spoil the fun by telling the entire thing but here is a small gist of the movie. There is a 900 pound grizzly bear brought up by an animal activist(Beth) and loves his garage(his home).He enjoys his life with humans until he meets Elliot(a deer).Elliot(though not deliberately) spoils his life with humans and so the bear(with Elliot) is left in the woods just before the open season(when hunters can legally hunt animals).The rest of the story is about how the bear unites all animals to torture and kick out all hunters. At the ending Boog has to make a difficult decision-whether to go back to Beth or stay with his friends. The more I write the more fun I spoil .So I am going to stop. It is an excellent cute little comedy worth watching. Three cheers for Open Season!!!
Akhil Sai Valluri,
Jubilee Hills

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