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My ambition in life is to become a doctor. The medical profession is one of the noblest one. The hectic pace of life in the world today is taking a great toll on peoples' body and mind. I would like to contribute in someway to help people regain their health and happiness.
As a doctor I would do my best to be there for my patients whenever they need me. I would devote all my energy to learn more about my subject going deeper into it and giving the best possible treatment to one and all. I would not allow the financial status of the patients to make any difference to me.
I would organise medical camps where poor people can get their children vaccinated free of charge and also get treated for their illnesses.
I shall associate myself with reputed charitable trusts which cater to the medical problems faced by the society.
My ambition is to work closer with clubs like Rotary, Lions and Giants that conduct medical workshops.
By: Vasundhara Gaekwad,
Std: VI-C
School: Bhartiya Vidya
Bhavans V.M. Public School, Vadodara.

Words of Appreciation

kaashvi Fantastic! Very well written. It is encouraging.
chitrangana Vasu a very good article which describes how and why you want to become a doctor!
ayuta Vasundhara, you are a genius. Your ambition is great. I hope that god bless you in such a way that you can easily fulfill it.
nayanika Raj Hey Vasundhara Good job!!! Very well written!! Keep it up!
dhanya Good! really very good
darshana Very well written. Vasundhara very good. This essay helped me in my project of my ambition. It is really encouraging.
roshni Very well done! I hope you surely become a doctor.
ATHIRA Excellent article. May god bless you vasu......
athira Awesome. My ambition is also to be a doctor.
Arohi It was excellent! I'm sure you'll be successful. I think you should have written it in a more brief way.
tushar very good written i think you can add more to it but its nice keep it up.
tushar very good written. I think you can add more to it but its nice keep it up.
aashiq nice but you can do better
cr it was good.....i liked it...
shadab nice. very nice
supa Not very good
Arathy Ramesh,Aswathy Ramesh Hi,I like it but you can do better. Wish you all the best.
John Titus Good presentation. Can do better. I wish you good luck. My ambition is also to become a doctor.
NISHANT PATHAK From your standards it was mindblowing, brilliant and history.
Muhammad Mushtaq Akbar It is absolutely good and every child should think of helping mankind right from the begining. This comes from the humble parents.
akhtar sheikh Excellent. May Allah make your dreams come true
Aboobacker very very bad
NAYANA nickname SREE I am in VI-B. Thank you vasundhara. You helped me to get my speaking skill.
gracy Hey your ambition is really marvellous and moreover the reason is genuine. May god bless u. I wil keep you in my prayers. My ambition too is to become a doctor.
sasikumar Excellent. well said, I wish you your dreams come true.
milan panchal make my dreams true
nikita I liked your dream of becoming a doctor. May god bless you and you get success in your life.
shinee kapila You really helped me in writing my essay thank u very much Vasundhara Gaekwad
shinee kapila Good becoz you helped me in writing my essay .
shinee kapila hi it was nice
Ann Excellent. I wish your dream come true.
rimsa good but not better than mine.
K.Nabi khan,mjma,ksa. Hey, Vasundhra,well said, Excellent!I wish May Allah bless you to make your dream true.Best Regards.KNK.
shivam superb. please try to put up more information.
katherine alicia jane excellent!!! Your ambition is so interesting. Very well written. We have the same ambition in life. It's my inspiration for me. Thank you for writing this. You really helped me in my essay. Thank u very much. May ur dreams become true. god bless you and help you reach for it.
deeksha gupta This is a very nice way to discuss your dreams. I would also try to send one article.
Steve It helped me!
A Wellwisher That was GREAT. Also don't think about what other people haver said, you know like bad things. My ambition is to be a doctor too, since I was 7. Seriosly. That's BRILLIANT. Well done,Vasundhara Gaekwad.
arjun dileep kumar outstanding vasundhara.
arjun dileep kumar outstanding
angel i like her/his ambition
atiqa Good job!! And I wish that your dream comes true.
ruth good
APARNA SINGH You have written very well. I wish your dream will come true. All the best for your studies and god bless you.
Manori Hi Vasundhara! It is good & well written.I wish you all the best that makes your dream come true.
Manori Hi Vasundhara! It is good & well written.I wish you all the best that will make your dream come true.
aditi It shows that for what purpose we should be a doctor not only for money but also for helping the patients at our level best.
lucky All the best
racheal Good job. I would like this to be my ambition in life too because I want to be a doctor too.
ramisha khan bravo.......marvellous job ! I hope if you write more essays like this you can mail to me on my email address.
Najma Issak Nur Wow, I really admire your writing and it was very nice. Definitely, its the nobelest job in the world.
Pravin I would like to say thank-you for your kindness and beautiful hand work of the essay. I am very pleased and satisfied with your essay. Sincere thanks for a good job. well done!!!!!
jasmine Your thoughts are really appreciable. GOD BLESS YOU.
prathyusha Hey vasu that was a great job! You will really reach your aim. Thanks for helping me in doing my project.
MUSKAN Excellent, Hope your dreams will come true,all the best and god bless you .
prema awesome dear:-)
saranya superb
christine good luck!
Nitin Marvellous essay
Nicholas I wish I can be Singapore Airlines pilot but due to my family background. Is not that easy for me to be one. Can God make my wish come true?
shobi please give your essays big and with explanation .all the best
johnathan thank u it helped me very much!!
Kiran Nepali Very good writing. Also our best wishes to achieve your ambition.
thanya wow its amazing
maliha It is an outstanding essay.
pramodmittal Thankyou to friend Vasundhara Gaekwad.
pujja Fantastic essay but short. I loved it. Best of luck.
saloni very well written. Hope all your wishes come true.
arshdeep It helped me a lot more than others and I want you to present more of your creations on net.
shayzad I like it. Its awesome.
abdul qadir very good essay. It helped me a lot.
salma excellent. you helped me in writing my holiday assigment.
salma excellent
rajanarayanan good
rahuul Not Bad!
samvritha It helped me in my essay. Thnx a lot. I study in VII.
shreya narayanan very good. my ambition is too the same
bhavesh thank u it helped me so much.......
sudamshu s rao wow it is an excellent essay
sudamshu s rao wow it is an excellent essay
samhita greatjob vasundhara . THANK helped in my essay. you will surely become adoctor ALL THE BEST
Ruchita Jain Excellent! GREAT JOB
devadathan Thank you. It helped me for my project work.
MANIKANDAN Iam studying +2. This essay was very helpful for me. Pls write more essays.
j.k.kirubhaa all the best
Parthipan Very useful to me, to write about the same topic to my competition.
silky Thanks Vasundhara.It helped me a lot in my creativity writting. I got first prize in that. Best of luck
parvati Great Job Vasundhara! May god bless you.
akmal study harder and you can catch your ambition.good luck
heena good try!!!
avantika Awesome.
mahnoor Excellent job. Keep it up.
mahnoor Excellent job. Keep it up.
ayesha munshi May your wish be fulfilled.
vasunthara very good Vasundhara.
divu Good efforts. Thanks for the article. I needed it.
dierene very nice. I love it. Very well written!
reshma Excellent! vasundhara. It helped me in my project. Thank you very much.
Shahin Thank you it helped me a lot for my speech and writing skills.
priyanka Excellent and awesome.
pranjal It was brilliant.
wan so good
Nivedha It is fantastic.It also helped in my project
Abhay Very well written Vasundhara!
sindhura reddy Good! Well done and if you can use more better words to make your ambition more interesting its good.
sindhura reddy GOOD! WELL DONE !
zanaib It is very short but good.
madeeha satti Its great effort. I love it. EXCELLENT! It helped me in my choosing my ambition in my life.
madeeha its amazing (excellent)
gimelle It was brilliant, excellent and awesome.
molly Awesome! I loved it a lot.
appu Unique!
tanish vey good I followed it in my declamation contest and won first prize
vaishnavi My ambition is to become a fashion designer
pujitha Excellent,I wish your dream comes true.
Anishma Excellent!
justin I loved it.
ateeb Great job. I hope that you will continue writing articles like this.
Pradeep Brilliant,it helped me very much in my speaking skills!Thanks a lot
gunjan Your ambition is very good.
Joseph John Just average, not very bad not so good.
bisi FANTASTIC......I wish your dream comes true..AMEN
Rameesa Congrats!excellent performance.
nikhil great!you helped me with my essay.
meenu Its wonderful, I also want to be a doctor and want to help people.
Riza Kareem very good ambition.
sarthak I liked it, you can do it even better.
shabeena Superb, nice & excellent.
Krishna Patel It is excellent!I wrote this in my exam.Thank you.
rimsha Keep it up.
kareena Excellent! I will learn this for my competition. Really really good and I want to also be a doctor.
fasket Awesome
karan Marvellous, it helped me in my oral.
arjun chaurasia It's fantastic.
Maryjane Very good. Keep it up.
WK I love it. It is very good
shubham kala Excellent!!! It helped me in my speech. God bless you & fulfill your ambition.
anushka I liked it.
SHW this is good ambition.My oral test become good
Ahmed Thanks a lot. It really helped me in my oral test. keep it up.
ayush mittal well written but too small.
maya awesome!!!!!!!!!It helped me for my exam. may god bless you!!!!!!
cynthia oo very very well written .great job .may your wish come true.
Charmi Parmar Excellent! Really really fantastic.
AMAN ULLAH excellent
farah good.
laveena Very good it helped me in my homework. Thank u so much and I got full marks.
anuj Fantastic!
Deepali Tongar Very nice. Keep it up.
Deepali Tongar Very nice. Keep it up.
sana Very good. Keep it up.
Shamil Iflal Excellent!very well writen
shamim Good thinking. Well done! May you achieve your ambition.
thilini Excellent!
fan Thanx Your article helped me in my homework .
MUSKAN GOYAL Vasu I really liked it very much. I have seen all your comments. I think it is amazing and I should also write this.
Linh wow, very good!
Linh wow very good!
Chaitra Manjunath fantastic
sapnika It is an excellent essay.
DEEPALI Fantastic!
Jawahar007 This is excellent!!!
Neha very good. I too said the same for the competition in my birthday in my school and I got 1st prize.
sunny Hats off. You are stupendo fantabulously fantastic!
Herit Shah Nice Job! Really great piece of work. All the best!
sowmya all the best!!! May your dreams come true :-)
azhar This helped me in completing my work.
Kimmong Chhay Fantastic! This is an absolutely brilliant idea.
Javeria Nice one. Even I am going to copy this as an essay. Thnxx fr it. I really needed it.
bhavan excellent
NOUMAN NISAAR MY DREAM is also to become an "army surgeon".
preethi Very nice.
tripti jeewani Its well written but I feel the conclusion is not very apt!
YASH JAIN Well written.
priya Its good but you have to add more to encourage students.
amirah Good job. I hope it will become true.
wasim All the best.
BHAWNA SARASWAT Hey. Well done great job. I could have been more brief. But a nice job and by the way my ambition is also to become a doctor. I just hope god fulfills our dreams.
PRAJWAL MOTTEMWAR Excellent! That was very good. All the best for your future & work hard for your aims.
zeba My ambition is to become a doctor.
tanu Hey Vasundara great job dear! I hope you keep on writing this good essays throughout your life. Keep going.
priya God bless you. This essay is very helpful for my daughter.
bhoomika Well written.
Md It is a fantastic article.
kalai selvan Dear Vasu, I really thank you for your write up, its helped me to win in my essay competition.
well done Thanks. I copied it for my declamation.
afsha Nice
Rajeshwari Well done!!! Keep it up!!!:-)
v.srilakmi Well done! It helped me in my essay thanku.
ammu very nice!
nayana Well Done!
Midhun Wonderful!
akshai Very well written!! My ambition is also to be a doctor as you said I would devote all my energy to study more about my subject and become a well caring doctor.
seemab Its really an informative article.
sheerah Wow! This is one of the best essays that I have read! Keep up the good work!
21365798100 NICE!
nadia.. wow. Thankyou very much. I love this essays. Good work!!!:)
uma nice one!!!!!
sheerah very goood performance
arpan very nice
shahbella very nice....
Ansuman Its really an useful article !
manasa Awesome!
B.G Anne Nilakshi Kaushalya I would like to become a doctor.
priya All the best to you! My dreams are also the same.
nadia nice! well done!
Jenifer Super.My dream and your dream is same.I wish the dreams come true.
may It is nice. I like it.
aiman very well written! It helped me in my project.
Mayur Oh it touched my heart.
mahima It was fantastic and very useful for me. Thankyou Dimdima.
Harshida Hai Vasu! You will definitely get your ambition and god will bless you.
M.Pandian Very well written! It helped me in my daughter's project.
Rashi you reaLLY HAVE A NICE THOUGHT.......:)
Shaheena Superb! Thankyou very much. It helped me.
Nisa Good essay. I like it! THANK YOU very much!
Shria Outstanding.
Zaidaan Nice written. Thanks so much it helped me for my school activity!
rome Keep it up. Excellent essay.
mahesh yadav Outstanding.
yunus Superb! It helped me a lot. Thank you very much.
yunus Superb! It helped me for my school work. Thank you very much.
TARIN Not very nice
TARIN Not very nice.
TARIN Not very nice.
romeo v. bautista Very I like it this kind of article.
Anuradha Very good
shreeja wonderful
Bharathi. R Well expressed. Best Wishes.
ramsha marvellous! :-)
vidhya very nice article. Good keep it up.
rajadharshini very well written, neat presentation.
rajadharshini very well written, neat presentation.
kirtan I want a long essay.
ananya srinath Excellent, very beautiful and keep writing.
abhiram Lokanathan I am in IVth standard. Fantastic article. My ambition too is to become a doctor like you.
shanthi Nice, good keep it up.
kalai priyan Excellent!
fouzaan very nice ,keep it up.
rashika very good
aaavi very nice
shubham jaju That's nice. Can you write a eassy on singing like this one?
sarigama Hi Vasundhara, Your ambition is very good.
dhruv Very well written. I like it.
Rahul Well done Vasundhara and thankyou for the article.
Bony Let your dream come true, I will pray to God.
Bony Let your dream come true I will pray to God.
Megha very nice.Thanks
naman It encouraged & helped me a lot.
amrutha Very nice essay. It is very useful to me.
pushparaj very nice my dear Child
saeem Very Nice
saeem Thanks. Very nice article. It helped me a lot.
Aparna very good vasu. keep it up.
afreen very nice sis.
Subha Excellent
chris Superb Vasu.I pray GOD for your wish to come true in life.
chris Superb Vasu.I pray GOD for your wish to come true in life.
asif al irfan.r It is very good.
Suseendran May god bless you to become a doctor.
shaila It helped me a lot for my competition. Thanks hope your dreams come true.
mohan It is very good.
Ravichandran Superb
blancanisa cuesta Nice.
Liastro Amazing!
Ramesh My ambition in life was also to become a doctor. Now my daughter is doing MBBS & she is fulfilling my wishes.
.namrasajid Good
k.hima awesome.great job.
hima sai amazing
hima sai It helped me a lot. Thank u Vasuandhara
Nugitha very nice essay. I also have the same ambition.
haniya Nice...
haniya Nice... but u dint write it on ur own..
govind very very nice
Rayyan Siddique Nice job
nagarajah.sivamathan good
swathee well done
naziha so nice....keep it up @well done:) :) :)
naziha so nice....keep it up & well done:) :) :)
javaid very good
KOMAL outstanding
aryaan ali Keep it up.
twinkle saluja Its a very nice and fantastic article. I like this.
JANE SUSAN superb, fantastic, mindblowing, outstanding
Pradeep very nice and superb
sumaja Its really excellent. It helped me a lot
mukundan Thankyou. It helped me in my speech.
simran Well done.
DISHANT Thank You. It helped me in my speech.
chitra Excellent.
reenu Thank you. It helped me in my life.
nandana Excellent work. It helped me in my project.
sweta Superb, Fantastic, Mindblowing, outstanding. Its really excellent. It helped me a lot.
Rutu patel It's fantastic and superb.
kareem Very good ambition.
rose very short but very nice!!!!
sana It help me to do my assignment. Thanks a lot.
tarangini Thank's a lot it helped me in writing my essay.
anis arisya Thank you. It helped me in my study!!! :)
sradha Thank you. It helped me in my essay competition.
samuel Very nice ambition.
Ahmad Thank's a lot. It helped me in writing my essay.
gayathri Fabulous thoughts. Keep going. Hope you achieve your goal. Frankly speaking I am really inspired by your thoughts.
levinia Thankyou very much.It helped me in my essay.
hikma My ambition also to become a doctor.
devibala Very excellent. Your ambition is amazing.
Fayaz It was very very good. Best of luck for your ambition.
Fayaz It was very very good. Best of luck for your ambition.
riya A very good essay
Sara Fabulous. This is good.
Azra Excellent!
JAYENDRA Excellent
Priya Sarraf Excellent. Nice and well chosen words too. Congrats dear. Thanks.
Sufana Ak Superb. You will surely succeed in your life.
pushya Excellent! I learnt many things from it.
chandralekha Your ambition is good best of luck.
SHUBHAM Too short.
Namesha May your dream come true.
thas very nice
AGALYAH well done, excellent job.
mohammed hussain Wonderful competition. I like it.
hamza very good.
jasleen kaur Excellent. Best of luck!!!!!
POOVENDHAR Your ambition is excellent.Best of luck
POOVENDHAR Excellent and Best of luck
hasan awesome essay and good creativity
adish Its amazing.
zarina I love it. You are a star.
ravi This paragraph helped me lot in my class speech.
hazran very good!!!!But you can do better and you may put many information on your essay to make it amazing.
Athul Joyechan Its a very nice and fantastic article. Very good ambition.
harshi Admirable!
tasneem superb!!!!!!
Muhammad Syazwan Very nice!!!
yashini very good
ash superb
shivanthi well done!superb!excellent thinking!and thank u for this because it helped me for my essay.I wish u all the best and may GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
shivanthi well done! superb! excellent thinking! And thank u for this because it helped me for my essay. I wish u all the best and may GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
mona hamdy Very nice!!! It helped me a lot.
sahalmuneer very very good. It made my elocution easy.
Pari GREAT JOB Vasu. It was an amazing article you have written. May god bless you. I am having the same ambition. Allah is always with you.
kalai I like this very much.
DR.HEMACHANDRAN wishing you all the best to make your dreams come true.
Rizana It is my earnest wish to become a sincere doctor as you do. All the best.
rani it is nice.
rani It helped to do my assignment.
Hana I like it very much. I wish you to write better...
vijay fair
Sonal It is idiotic
sonal thank you . I like it
Kareem Kareem
madhu I liki this abition
don dont write small paragraphs
Dhivya you helped me ver very much or else i would have got scolding from my teacher
Pratham Very good
lucky fabulous
Aadhayatulsian Amazing
lucas wow very nice
Felicia Ver Good.It helps me in my essay.My Ambition also doctor!
sashnee Tops ***
manisha Although your ambition is a very noble one but I'm not sure if its very practical. But don't let my words discourage are still young and have long way to go...
iloka emeka superb uve just help me figure out ma assingment
samina your essay was too good it helped me alot.
hasna well done nice i like it but try more all the best
hasna well done try moe all the best
jennie jane well done try more all the best
jennie jane well done all the best try more
Ritika I also become a doctor
Ritika Thats good thing ialso become a doctor
farzeen excellent work lovely
Neeha super.....................
Niyas super.....................
Niyas super.....................
Niharika very good. and thankyou for this essay.
Shrestha dey EXCELLENT
KALYANI May your wishes come true
priyanka beautiful ambition

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