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Senior Citizens

The recent reports about the intention of insurance companies to discontinue Mediclaim policies to senior citizens over 55 years is not only shocking but downright disgusting. The need for medical aid is more only after 55 years. Everywhere in the world more and more facilities are being provided to senior citizens and social security is ensured. Why is it that in India seniors are being treated like unwanted citizens? Are we forgetting that these are the same people who have served the nation in the past and paid taxes to build the country? They were the people who fought for our freedom and who took part in the struggle for independence led by Mahatma Gandhi. What is more appalling is that the government, instead of taking the initiative in this matter, is being indifferent to the issue. Such policies portray a bad image of India. It is time senior citizens came out of their so-called retirement and took action.

Neha Puthran

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