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Mother Earth

This beautiful and unique Mother Earth is so kind that she gives shelter to everybody. She fulfils all the requirements of humans, animals and all other living creatures. She lets us live freely and independently. But only we humans conduct wars and fight amongst one another. We should live peacefully and like a big family –
VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM ( the entire universe is one family)
Nowadays, people are realizing that we should do something in return to make Our Mother Earth feel happy. Therefore, we recycle, reuse and reduce waste. We also protect wildlife to preserve bio-diversity and we too should plant more trees by way of social forestry. We should also learn to harvest rainwater, as water is getting scarce. We should reduce all types of pollution – air, water, and noise – as it harms our mother earth. To reduce air pollution, we should switch over to public transport, car pools or non-motorized option including walking. We should not dump industrial wastes in rivers and lakes and throw solid wastes into water.. As for noise, we should not use loud speakers and crackers in public and social events.
Earth is perhaps the only planet in the Solar System where we come across human life. It is also home to all the plant and animal species. As far as we know, this Earth has been in existence for a little over a million years. Although other planets give a hazy indication of the existence of water and some rocky little mountains, research findings have not been able to confirm the presence of life. The Earth is also the only planet where there is a harmonious relationship between plant and animal species on the one side and the human species on the other.
For centuries, man’s insatiable greed has led to conflicts and wars. This has not posed any danger to the planet earth because it still remains a living and dynamic planet. One important discovery is that, by and large, life has remained simple since man has lived as a part of nature as the other two species – plant and animal. The industrial revolution, which began in 1750 in Great Britain followed by two more revolutions – scientific and technological – disturbed the Earth’s equilibrium. Its landscape is beyond recognition as compared to what it was two centuries ago. The pace of life has quickened and material comfort has become easy. These three revolutions have given rise to millions of new products and services accessible to the common man. In the process, the Earth is moving quietly and invisibly towards total destruction. The Earth Day, which we are observing on April 22 every year, is a reminder to each one of us that the Earth has to be protected and conserved. Forest cover has come down drastically; river waters have dried up forcing humanity to resort to rainwater harvesting. Air, water and noise pollution have together combined to create more and more problems than cannot be solved. It is predicted that the Third World War will be fought over fresh drinking water. ` Let the ship first sink and then see what could be done to save the precious human lives on the ship,’ seems to be our approach to Mother Earth. Every one is talking of sustainable development to save the Earth but no concrete action has been taken. But still there is hope that collectively through conservation of natural resources we can save this beautiful earth.

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Sringdales School

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Leah Campomayor I was sad when I heared the news about the happenings of our environment. Please let us help our mother earth.

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