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Kind Stranger

On my way to school after the holiday, I had an interesting encounter with a mysterious woman at Ambala Railway Station. My train was due at midnight. It was a long wait. I was feeling lonely and bored. Suddenly a woman dressed in a white sari and probably over thirty years in age walked up to me. She asked me in a soft deep voice if I was alone. Though she seemed poor, there was a dignity about her that commanded respect.
I stood wondering why that woman whom I had never met took me to refreshment room and offered me snacks. I ate like a hungry school boy and she watched me eat. I talked freely about myself , my school, my likes and dislikes. But she was still wrapped in mystery. She told me nothing about her family or place of residence, but there was no need . I was overwhelmed by her motherly affection .
After half an hour we walked back to platform 8. She stayed with me till the train arrived . When I boarded the train, she took my hand in her's and smiled gently. I kissed her on the cheek .When the train moved, I addressed her as my mother and bade her `good-bye'.
' Would you still say that we should beware of strangers and never talk to them !
But still be aware !!!!!!

By Sudhir

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