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As a student of old Mission High School in Pudukkotai a former princely state in Tamil Nadu my grand father’s pranks were unlimited and amusing. Here is one.
There was an advocate Srinivasan living in the house opposite to that of my grandfather’s. Though he had four sons no one would listen to him and so the advocate was in the habit of calling the young boys playing on the street and sending them on errands which the boys resented. One day he called my grand father and his friend Sami and praised them as very intelligent and obedient boys with the intention of sending them on some errand.
The hawkers who sold vegetables on the streets would not respond if the advocate called them because he would haggle so much that the vendors could not recover their capital if they sold at the rates demanded by him. So, he asked the two boys to go to the vegetable market near the Shiva Temple and bring brinjals, drum-sticks, ladies finger etc. and gave them two rupees. He told them to bring fresh and tender vegetables, as the vendors in the market were capable of cheating them. The boys ran with the money and went to the market.
The vendor welcomed them and offered them fresh vegetables but the boys refused to buy them and insisted on buying only yellowing brinjals, stiff drumsticks and ladies fingers resembling thick nails. The vendor dissuaded them saying that they were not good for cooking. But the boys told him that they were not required for cooking but for some medicinal purposes and they wanted only rotting and stale vegetables. The vendor happily gave them and accepted the money.
On seeing the rotten vegetables Srinivasan was shocked and chided them for having bought them. The boys excused themselves that they were novices with no experience in buying vegetables and they never volunteered to buy vegetables for him. The advocate realized that the boys had played a trick on him and stopped calling the boys for running errands thence.

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