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My Trip to Muscat

In the year 2004 I along my grandmother and cousin sister decided to go and spend the diwali vacation at my aunt's place in Oman. After a 3 hour flight by Indian Airlines, we had our first aerial view of Oman. It looked beautiful with different kinds of lights glittering in different colours. It was 2:30 am (Muscat time) when we landed in Muscat, the capital of Oman. The airport was very clean. Infact it was one of the cleanest that I had seen. My Aunt came to receive us at the airport. When I went out of the airport I saw the roads were spick n span, they were so clean that they looked as though they were newly built. In Muscat there is a rule that whoever litters the roads, spits tobacco or chewing gum, drives too fast etc. will have to pay a fine of 10 Omani Rials that is Rs. 1500, or worse go to jail! In the next few days I visited places like the Rose Garden, Sultan Supermarket, Fountain Park etc. Rose Garden is a beautiful place, which is full of different kinds of roses and other beautiful flowers, it has a beautiful lake with many beautiful swan shaped boats and it also has many picnic spots. Later on we went to the sultan Supermarket. This huge supermarket has a slanting escalator without any steps! We did a lot of shopping there. Next day we went to the Fountain Park which was full of slides, swings, ponds etc. I even saw a pineapple shaped slide which had a big pineapple built over the slide. Then I saw a submarine in a pond with many children sitting in it I asked my aunt if I could go for a ride on the submarine but she said that children who were above 11 years were allowed. Then my cousins Rohini and Chitrangana called me to sit in the bumping cars. We drove the cars all over the place and we keep bumping into other cars. We had a lot of fun bumping into each other. Then we went to a slide, the biggest slide I have ever seen.
Ro Akku (Rohini) and I were told to sit on the given mats and slide down. We really enjoyed sliding down. We really enjoyed ourselves at Fountain Park. The next day we went to watch the movie "The Jungle Book 2"
which was really very nice. We also went to the beach. It was a really nice beach. There I went with my aunt and my cousing to collect shells. While collecting shells I saw a dark brown coloured box shaped like thing I asked my aunt what it was. She warned me not to go near it as it was the box-jellyfish which stings very badly. After collecting the shells we went back to the house. I slept very happily that night as the next day was Diwali. The following day we celebrated Diwali at the house. We had a lot of fun bursting crackers, eating sweets etc. The next day we went to my cousin's friend's house and had a lot of fun there, while returning I saw a hill with lots of artificial animals on it and a waterfall which changed its colour. Then at last the day came to bid goodbye to the beautiful city, Muscat. I promised my aunt that I would return next year.

Vasundhara Gaekwad,
Std: VI-C,
School: Bhartiya Vidya Bhavans V.M. Public School, Vadodara.

Words of Appreciation

prerna I want short compositions on the Best day in my life ,The historical person I admire, Visit to a village & Visit to a circus.
sankalp Very good story.
Vasundhara Gaekwad ( The author) Prerna if you want short compositions then do you want me to write them for you or I should write them for dimdima. Please tell me.
hinali It's fantastic. Good job
nayanika raj I loved your article. Good. Keep writing . It was very informative too.
chitrangana Vasu keep it up. You have done a good job. I am your cousin sister. It is a fantastic article. Very Good.
chitrangana Keep it up.

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