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TV is the major distraction in the life of a student today. These days students find an easy way to spend time by watching TV and are less interested in reading. In fact, reading is becoming a thing of the past. It also causes harm to the eyes and ears. Concentration power of a child decreases by watching TV. Watching TV involves only eyes and ears. The students are not taking part in outdoor activities because of TV. Watching TV also makes them couch potatoes.
Confined to the ac rooms watching TV is making their health and mind suffer. They are getting deprived of fresh air and atmosphere. They are also getting devoid of healthy outdoor life. Watching TV hours should be restricted to educational programmes like discovery and national geographic. One or two entertaining programmes in a week is sufficient for a child.
So let all of us make an effort to restrict TV watching.

Nayanika Raj
Std. VI C
Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s V. M. Mehta School

Words of Appreciation

samantha You are so correct.True TV is a distraction.
judah fernandez You only spoke against it and about its harmful effects on kids but it is also a source of recreation for the adults which makes a difference in their lives.
Vasundhara Gaekwad It's true, TV is taking the place of books. My TV has got spoilt for 1 whole year. First I used to complain so much that the TV should be there but now I think it was a good thing. I could concentrate more on my studies and as there was no TV I used to play outside everyday. This article is really good Nayanika. Please keep on writing such articles. They will really be good. Keep it up!
Aayushi Nayanika your article should be read by all the students. Please keep writing like this. Best of luck!!!
Pawan Kulkarni I liked your article very much. You have mentioned that while watching TV only eyes & ears are used & for taking part in GD's one should read somthing then only he will be able to speak.
Sanjana Arora Your article is very good. In some way you are right and in some wrong. Though T.V is a distraction but sometimes when are bored it also entertains us.
samrat You are Correct. Every Parent and child must read your article.
Yuvraj Singh Yes, you are absoluetly correct. What you wrote is an awakening article for parents. You have expressed your views in a very simple and impressive way. Keep writing and make parents & students aware of many facts.
Abhishek Shrivastava I think your article is quite awakening. It's really important to understand the value of time, as most of the students don't do.
Nidhi Shrivastava I liked your article and agree with all the points.
anup antony What you told is absolutely correct but there are many good things that we can get through TV.
pooja koya I also agree. Watching tv is a really big distraction. I myself hate watching tv.
puja Nayanika I totally agree with you. Keep up the good articles!
yogitha agarwal hello,nayanika. I agree with your opinion and I liked your articles. keep writing such true articles.
hashita shanbog It is really very good and it awakes my mind from watching t.v
Giridhar It is really a true thing which is must in every students life and he must know about this and should stop watching tv.
tanyagarg I know that tv harms children but it is a great source of information.
Hullas Jindal Nayanika, I agree with you that tv is bane but in some ways tv is good also.
shashank Yes tv is a bane but its a boon somehow.
kanan A good and awakening article must given in newspaper.
Dharshana krishna Of course t.v has its uses too ,their boon and bane depends upon the way in which the adults take it up.
k m rao thanks a lot for your valuable topic. god bless you.
nishtha your article is quite good... it helped me a lot.... keep writing
sumant harkrishan TV is just an idiot box rather boon or bane.
lavanya sareen Article was quite good and was unxpected from a student of 6th grade. Well done, keep it up and keep writing.
nidhi your article was quite good. I really liked it. Keep writing.
Sushil Chandra Pradhan The article is good. Parents also do not find time to sit near the study of their children due to tv.
fiha every coin has two sides. similarly tv has boons as well as banes
rebecca Your article was quite good. I really liked it. Keep writing.
mahesh You said only disadvantages. There are lot of advantages also.
sunil I agree with your article. But it is also a good source of knowledge which makes one confident in his/her work. There are many channels which give us knowledge. Eg. National geography gives everything which you need. It just depends on how we use.
yogeshc You have said only about the disadvantages. But the article was very good.
nawas What you have written is correct but there are also good things that we can get from TV.
lakshay Nayanika. Your article is quite good.
himani Excess use is always a problem.
keshav good
akhand singh T.V can harm our eyes and ears so we watch t.v one day in a week.
akhand singh 3B T.V is the major distraction in the life of a student today. Students are more intersted in T.V and less in reading. Reading is becoming a thing of the past.
Firdaus Your article is well written but T.V can also be informative or a learning experience
shivani It's not always necessary to point out the negative aspects of something. AS the coin has two faces,televison has also got many benefits.Why we all try to curse something even if when we are using it?
Pavan G Your article is good but I dont think it is a true article because I guess you have copied from this website of wikianswers. The website is
aravind.m yes what you said is right but nowadays people can't live without watching television.
asiya I agree with your article because television is the big distraction in the life of a student today.
CA. ROHIT JAIN I agree with your article because for information, newspapers and books are sufficient.
Nayanika Raj Thanks all the people for all your comments. Looks like someone copied my article and posted it on I wrote it when I was in 6th. In those days, I obviously didnt know much about internet and I couldn't have copied it.
ana pereira I like your article very much. It depends on us how we use the tv for good or bad.
tanya your article is really good and very informative.
Ahmad Your article is really mind blowing but,as every coin has 2 sides,T.V has it's boon also....!
Pankaj I thing tv is the most helpful thing to us which help us to get the knowledge of the world.
vanshika Your article is very good.
mariya This article is useful for us.
nayanika Yes your article is very good. I myself watch tv very much but I liked it.
Surender I agree with your article. Watching TV more is harmful for us, still there are a lot of people who watch TV continuously. They should read this article.
shilpa Its really useful for me.
Naveen Kanchan Sorry ,I dont agree. My son has gained a lot of knowledge by watching Discovery Channel. It is left to individual, watching excess TV or choice of channel.
Tushar saini So let of all us make an effort to restrict TV watching.
saitrinath I don't agree.
Abhishek tiwari This was very useful.
simran Yes we will all make efforts.
sachin sharma This article is very useful for students.
sridevi mereti Good I agree with it.
vinay ladha Good I agree with it.
Keerthi Its a very Good article useful for students.
Rahul patidar It is good and I agree by this essay.
Rajesh Ranjan very good
ankush As you know a coin has two faces, so tv has many useful aspects. Also it is a good source of information and keeps us uptodate with the world.
ABHINAV CHAUDHARY It is good and it is useful for students.
sai manogna I liked it very much. And it is useful for students
rari I like your eassy.
divya Superb essay.
ankita I think you are right. Even I watch so much of t.v now i think t.v is not important for us. It is a such waste of time. Thankyou for the awareness.
janhvi valiyaparambil Very Good essay, loved reading these points.
shaikh iram I like reading and I loved to read this essay.
yukti It's true. I liked it very much.
sandeep reddy Its a very useful article.
Nayanika raj Thnak you all for your wishes! :)
megha TV is boon and bane also.
saranya Its very useful.
saranya Its very useful.
saranya Its very useful.
saranya Its very useful.
sonu kumar mandal I do not agree with you all. It should be discripted as a boon.
DIVYAJ Television is a boon. It helps mainly in education and also in other ways.
lathika Not bad.
jass All articles are quite so nice.
lia its really so nice..
soumya raj everything has some advantages and some disadvantages, it is upon us how we use that.
ashfaq ahmad tahir you are right bus T V is important in this life
smriti your arcticle is very good but tv gives some knowledge also, some morals.
komal fatwani i think tv is boon because it widens the capability of understanding,mutual love nd corporation
akshara it is really nice when i read the topic i was wondering than i show to my all family NAYANIKA you have a beautiful brain god will bless you
arijeet singh Nice article by you nayanika
priyam kumar T.v. is good or bad also
Sneha Biju Every point you described is really meaningful
Pravita It's good
HUNAR yes you are write it depends us how we use it.
HUNAR yes you are write it depends us how we use it.
dharshana but it also gives information to the children who sees news and geographical channel. it is write what soumya raj said
shreya it is a mirror in our life
Pratham it depends on a child that he/she utilize it in a beneficial way for for his/her own bad
ROHIT J I agree
Varshith GOOD WORK
shanthi n bail yes you are right,it may cause to unhealthy, the children can be lose the enjoyment with the nature especially for urban children
Amogh It's really very appreciative and I agree with u that television is really a virus for the school going students . Good work. I really like it and we want such articles in the future also.
Shreemant Sahu See nayanika, I appreciate what you said and how you expressed your idea on Television. But you did not organize it properly. You only mentioned the Bane part of the Television. In the formal way of writing, you should mention both the boon and the bane of television. It helps the students but in other way distracts the mind of the students. You could have written about the dilemma it has caused in the present day life of people. However the way you wrote about the bane of television should be appreciated and you should receive a big round of applause. If you would have mentioned about boon part of television then you would have deserved to be editor of any famous newspaper.

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