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Friendship: Band of Bond??

Friendship day was celebrated on the first Sunday of August, as usual. My classmates were all busy tying friendship bands of different shapes, sizes and colours with very emotional and touching messages
inscribed on them. But I do not tie friendship bands. When my friends asked me the reason I said that I do not believe in tying friendship bands. They seemed a little puzzled about my point of view. But what I really meant was that I do not want to restrict that beautiful emotion called friendship with a mere band. Friendship is all about caring, sharing and always being there for our friends.
A friendship band cannot establish a firm bond between people and it should not be used as a proof for friendship. A warm and sincere wish saying "HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!" is all that is required. Warm feelings for a friend need not be inscribed in a band but should be inscribed in your heart for ever and ever.

Neena Prasad
Bhavans Rajaji Vidyashram,
Kilpauk, Chennai

Words of Appreciation

anu I agree with you.
g.p.mahitha I accept your view.
nandita Superb Neena.
Ranjith That was very interesting. A different point of view. I agree with you that warm wishes are very good and necessary. But I think warm wishes plus friendship bands are even better. Still, that's just my view. There's nothing right or wrong.
Rajan A beautiful thought, well written. Good work indeed for a 15 year old! Write more.
neena Hi everyone. Please send in all your comments about this article.
Latafat Hussain I'm respect your views & fully agree with you. But my dear I've the same view of the festival Rakshabandhan. Why does a brother have to give proof of being a brother? Why do we people tie this pious relation in a thin band. Will you please explain to me?
Pramod Well Said!! I also think tying bands is just a formality and the real friendship should come from the heart.
neena Yes I think it is a logical question. But tying rakhi on rakshabandhan is a traditional thing started by our forefathers. So it is being followed sincerely, so that the tradition is not broken and that tradition has to be respected. Anyway I think there is no need to tie a rakhi to prove your love for your brother. Love comes directly from the heart. That is why I always send cards to my brothers on rakshabandhan!
neena People why no comments?please do read my article and send in your comments.
MANI I don't agree with you

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