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From the Broom to Pen

"I looked at her twinkling eyes, as she wrote the last letter of the alphabet, the piece of chalk slowly gliding on the slate and her wrinkled hands covered with a layer of chalk powder. She looked at me with a joyous expression as though she received the double of her salary. I am filled with wonder when I see the simple life of my maid, she goes around does odd jobs. She works at the age of 63, for a meagre pay. I am astonished when I look at the simple but happy life they live in spite of a low income. Basic furniture, a shelter is enough to be their home, food, simple clothes and a lot of happiness is what their life is made of. Perfect recipe with only the required ingredients in perfect quantities isn't it? But one earnest desire of my maid was to learn to read, she felt it would bring light into her life, she wanted to put her signature and not the thumbprint. I started teaching her without a moment's thought and she finally learnt to read. One fine evening ,I said," Lakshmi, this is how you write your name." She wrote her name proudly and I could see her eyes filled with gratitude towards me. I immediately knew I did something good to someone.

D. Ashrita
Class 9
Bhavans Public school
Jubilee hills,

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