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Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day, on which we spend our time caring for our loved ones.

There is a street just by our house. It can be seen from our house. The best view can be seen from the balcony. There are some stray dogs living there – a mother dog, and two puppies. Most of the time they are away in search of food. But, I think that they do not get enough food as, at night they bark a lot snatching each other’s food. I always think that they are hungry, and crying. Every day they cry. I feel very sorry for them.
The Valentine’s Day came. So, I thought for a while and suddenly got an idea. I thought that I could spend some of my time with the dogs outside. I decided that I will give the dogs a treat for their dinner. I asked my parents for permission. They said that it was a brilliant idea and that they were ready to help me! Mother said that she would prepare some rice and chicken for the dogs, in the evening. I was so happy and excited that I could not wait for evening to come. I was looking at my watch every half an hour and got very impatient that why wasn’t the time passing? As the evening came, my mother set the rice for cooking. She added pieces of meat to it. After it was cooked, I was eager to take the food right away but she told that the food was hot. I thought that since my brother would return from his tuition classes at around 8 o’clock, we could both go together. My father also agreed with me.
Finally it struck 8. I was sitting ready near the window and impatiently waited for my brother. After some time, I saw him coming. I shouted to him from the window and asked him to wait there. My mother had already packed the food in a big container. I took the container, and I was so excited that I was about to leave without putting on my shoes. My brother and I went to the street. Luckily, the dogs were still there. We went near them. They were frightened, that we might do them some harm and ran away but as they saw what we were doing, they slowly came near us. They were surprised seeing that we were giving them food, as, usually people throw stones at them, and beat them with sticks. We kept the food near them and looked at them. They ate so heartily and hungrily, and enjoyed the treat so much that my eyes were filled with tears of joy.
After they were done, they looked at us with such joyful eyes that it was clear by their expression that they were thanking us. Then they came slowly towards us, wagging theirs tails. They came and sat in front of us. The dogs showed their gratitude through their expression. Their eyes looked very beautiful. We went back home and from the balcony, along with my parents looked at them having rest of the food. This was the best Valentine’s Day.

Teesta Lahiry

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