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Each One, Reach One, Teach One

It is a modern age fact that education and literacy are the keys to a good future for any individual, yet it is observed that much of our population remains illiterate even after knowing the importance of the education. It is the responsibility of every Indian citizen to stand up against the illiteracy and help nation fight against this curse. We kids play a huge role in making our country literate. There are 300 million children in India. 150 million are being educated and the other 150 million unfortunately are not literate. If each one from the 150 million can reach out their hand to at least one from the other 150 million, what a wonderful country India would be. Every child would be educated.Let each one of us give the gift of education to at least one person. You can teach your maid to read, you can make your driver read, you can help your maids children to study. A small help can make a big difference.
Help your housemaid, watchman, garbage collector, vegetable vendor and those underprivileged people to learn; read and write, and these people help make your life better and easier. You can motivate some others who have skills to do this but just need a boost. Each one,Reach one, teach one is a concept that brings with it a lot of mental satisfaction if you are involved in teaching someone or even if you are promoting the concept of spreading the awareness. The idea of working for a social cause gives you an immense sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. Let us put our hands together to make our country a better place to live in.

D. Ashrita
Class 8
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans Public School

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