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Value of Trees

Trees are the most beautiful gift of God to the Humans. They play a vital role in our lives. There are many benefits of trees. They give us food. They also give us life supporting gas i.e. oxygen. They provide many useful material such as wood, timber, gum, resins and so on. They also give us natural fibers like cotton and jute.
Plants also maintains a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Trees and plants purify the air. They also help in rainfall. They control air pollution. Plants prevent soil erosion. They reduce greenhouse effect on the earth. Plants also maintains food chain of the environment. They reduce noise pollution because they act as a good absorber of sound. They also help in replenishing the groundwater. Besides humans trees also help animals. Animals like deer and cow etc. get their food i.e. grass from the them. Some animals make their Shelter on plants and trees. Animals also get shade and protection from heat and rain from trees. They also help animals to hide from their enemies.
Life on the earth without plants and trees is not possible. Still humans are cutting plants for their other benefits. By cutting trees we are harming our lives only. Because if plants and trees disappear from the earth, each and every thing will destroy. By this the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase. This will result in the rise of the earth's temperature. Animals will not get their food and shelter. So, wildlife will also destroy. The soil will not hold water during rain resulting in floods. Even we will not get valuable products such as timber. Life supporting gas i.e. oxygen will disappear. All this will result in the ending of animal and human life.
So we should plant more and more trees and do not cut the trees. By this method we will be able to live a good, happy and healthy life.


Manvi Kaushik

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