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"True non-violence is mightier than the mightiest violence." These were the words said by the Mahatma, the Father of the Nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi played a major role in bringing independence for our nation. He played a major role in shaping the minds of thousands of people and helped them progress in life. He played a major role in being an inspiration to many. He played a major role in initiating the 'Swadeshi Movement'. He played a major role in not letting the British use Indians for Indigo cultivation. He played a major role in the apartheid struggle.
Yes, Gandhi is needed now more than ever before to root out corruption, eliminate violence, instill values in youth, increase economic growth of our country, increase patriotism, increase the spirit of service.
Today the world is bustling with violence. Every day the news paper reports various acts of violence and it's indeed disturbing to read them. The more important a person becomes the more possible target he is for violence. Dowry debts are very common; desire for money is making man very violent. One in every six youth has seen a person being shot or is very close to a person who was shot. The rate of violence is 1.6 million deaths per year! Respecting elders values and responsibilities are an obsession of the past. Gandhiji can bring these values back and eliminate violence using his powerful weapon of non-violence. His other tools include sacrifice, non-violence, selflessness and cooperation.
Gandhiji regarded the Gita as the eternal mother, his interpretation on the values of Gita and their implementation will help in the nation's progress.
In this highly corrupt world his principle of simplicity is spread and preached by him can eliminate desire for money and slowly remove corruption. "sadha jivan uch vicharan" simple life high thoughts is what he said.
Indian economy is in deep crisis. If we continue to buy much of foreign brands, there will be decrease in income of taxes for Indian government and the rupee value will go down. Gandhi will initiate the "Swadeshi movement" but for a different aim.
Though Gandhiji doesn't exist in his mortal form, his values are still relevant in today's life. As he said "My life is my message" he led a life of perfection. He set an example of how to live life. He showed us the way for the right approach towards the problems.
Come, "let us all become Gandhis' by waking up our inner Gandhiism". Let us change the world by using the Mahatma's tools.

Ashrita Damera
Bharatiya vidya Bhavan public school

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