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The festival of Onam is well celebrated in Kerala every year. It is considered to be one of the most famous festivals of Kerala. Once upon a time,there was an asura King named Mahabali well known for his judicial judgments, loyal rule and his kindness. The place became corruption free and all the people opened their doors and slept. He ruled with responsibility, love and care towards the people of the state. In his rule, the people of the state experienced a golden era. The king also earned the name of Mahabali Chakravarti for his loyal rule of the state.
At this time, the devas who were watching this, were scared to see their importance diminishing after the asura started ruling the people of the state with dharma. Aditi, the mother of devas asked Lord Vishnu if he could help the devas. So, Lord Vishnu took the form of a dwarf Vamana and went to the asura King. He asked the King for three paces of land in his kingdom. When the King agreed he grew enormous, and stepped on the sky and land and did not find the third place to place his foot. The asura King who understood that the third place would destroy the earth, placed his head for the Lord to step on. With Lord Vishnu stepping on the Kings head, he was pressed down into the patala or underworld.
He loved and cared for his people so much that he wished to see his state every year.
Every year the visit of the great asura King is celebrated as Onam.

Ananya Ganesam
Class 7A,

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