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Slow Poison - The True Meaning

What is slow poisoning? The simplest answer possible to this today is the food we are eating. Surprised? But it's the truth. Do we really know what quality of food we are eating nowadays? We just simply say when asked – 'I have a balanced diet'.
Now what this term 'balanced diet' actually is? All of us have read the same definition in our science books, but the truth holds that the food we are eating today in the name of balanced diet is too contaminated!
Actually, some chemicals are being used to preserve the food. The best example for this is our very favorite 'junk food', Maggi. This food item by Nestle was banned in India because it was proved in the laboratories of the food item being contaminated. But Nestle is a foreign brand; it tested its product somewhere and started it again in India. And we blindly believed it knowing that once it might be a mistake, but it cannot happen when the labs all over the country proved it contaminated. And we call ourselves literate.
Tons of junk foods are being consumed every day. The worst of it came when the 'pizzas' came. The quality of food items these companies sell is horrible. These company sell food items worth Rs.50/- at Rs.800/- and that too, of such a good quality!
But, somewhere, our parents are also involved in this. They let their children eat all these junk food and all that stuff only because they don't have that much of time to make the food at home. The most common ingredient in this so-called balanced diet is maida. This thing is kept for preparation for at least 21 days! Such a poor quality of food we are eating today. Generally, the life span of humans is around 80 years. But these food items decrease it up to 60 years!
There is a lack of awareness amongst us. We have to neglect these items. It might be good in taste, but they are not good as they are shown in the television. We don't like to eat bitter guard which we call karela in Hindi. But the number of benefits we get from it is beyond words. We should always remember that the quality of food we get in our homes can never be taken by these junk foods or fast foods. No matter whatever the taste would be, it is always helpful. It is in our hands our future. We can never call ourselves the future of this country if we have our future in hands of 'JUNK FOOD'.

Shobhan Dash
Bhavan's B.P. Vidya Mandir,
Ashti, Nagpur

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