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Hi friends, I am Deepthi Plammoottil.
Recently I found a very useful and interesting Android App.
It is for digital drawing and painting.
You can draw, paint and even trace a picture using this App.
Very easy to use.
And has great tools for drawing, colouring, selecting, erasing etc.
it is not complicated as Photoshop or CorelDRAW, but very easy to learn and use like Microsoft Paint.
Still it has all necessary tools you require to produce a good artwork.
I am not an artist so I preferred to do a tracing work.
I spent almost two hours to finish this picture shown here.
The result was fantastic. See what you believe. Here is the final result.
You may be wondering how I made this video of my drawing.
That is the beauty of this App.
It automatically records all the steps and create a video out of it.
This App also provides an online gallery to display what people have already done.
Create something new and upload and get it rated by others.
I forgot to mention that I haven't use any stylus to create this one but have done everything with my fingers only. Learning is very easy you can be a master within one hour.
All tools are self-explanatory. No need to read any help file to understand how to use it.
Why wait? Try now itself and show the whole world what you can do and achieve.
Oh I forgot to mention the name of the Android App. It is ibisPaint.
Have a nice time.

Deepthi Plammoottil
Class VIII A,
N.G.V English Medium High School & Junior College,
Virar (East,.

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