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Traits of a Swachhagrahi

"Everyone must be their own scavenger." were the great words said by Mahatma Gandhiji. We must clean the dirt by ourselves, we all should search for dirt and clean it, by doing so, no dirt will be there and the country will become clean. A Swachhagrahi should have the dignity of labour because unless a person lifts the broom with dignity and cleans his surroundings he cannot become a Swachhagrahi. In order to change India, we must first change our mindset, our mind must be trained not to run away from dirt but to clean the dirt and make the place clean. A Swachhagrahi's mind must be clean, if it is filled with dirt it cannot progress for cleanliness, the broom to clean the dirt in mind could be meditation and inculcating good habits. A Swachhagrahi must encourage more people to become Swachhagrahis. He must be dedicated and disciplined towards cleanliness. Swachhagrahis should not allow any kind of littering. When a group of people were asked whether they want to see a clean India most of the people said yes but only half of them were practicing cleanliness, when we really want to be a part of clean India why not practice cleanliness and become a part of clean India? "Practice before you preach" first we must practice cleanliness before spreading the message to others. A clean person will be a healthy person. When we will have a clean India we will have a healthy India . We have a few daily practices, like we must eat, we must sleep, we must drink, we must brush etc.. in the same way cleanliness should also become a part of our daily activities and we must say we must be clean. The first step towards a developed India is being clean. When our minds will become clean, there will not be any corruption, many people will get educated, the rural areas will also become like urban areas and people will help each other since people will help for it so we can say that clean minds will lead to a developed India. We see many people urinating, spitting and throwing litter on the road, a Swachhagrahi must stop these. If we see our country as our own home we will not litter the roads, because we don't want our home to be dirty, we will throw the dirt in dustbins. Instead of throwing the litter on roads, we should carry a paper bag along with us throw the litter like chocolate wrapper, band aid paper, cover of a new product etc in the paper bag and encourage others to do the same. If a person having bad habits like spitting on the road is asked whether he has unclean habits among many of his clean friends he would feel uncomfortable to say yes so he will change his habits, so let us increase the number of Swachhagrahis, change the unclean people by making them feel uncomfortable. If all of us are Swachhagrahis our Swachhagraha movement will be successful and we will have a Swachh Bharat. Become a Swachhagrahi become a part of clean India. Jai Hind

Swachhagrahi i.e a person practicing Swachh Bharat

Ashrita Damera
Bhavans Jubilee hills

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Sharath Babu Kanapuram 9989885109 Great explanation Ashrita garu, today I am going to train my disrict Swachhgrahis and have taken many points from your explanantion .. making a PPt

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