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Friends by Vriksh

A friend is a person who behaves with you friendly. Is it so?

Friends are of different kind: just friend, best friend, close friend, family friend, pen friend, etc. but who is a true friend?
People say a friend is one who lends a hand in time of need and all others are just flatterers. It is also said that one who wipes your tears is your best friend. But, I think that a friend is one who laughs at you when you fall making you realize your mistake and encouraging you not to do the same next time. And among those laughing friend the one who helps you get up after laughing is the best friend. And true friend is that laughing friend who makes sure that you never fall on same way next time. It is not important that a true friend is the one who stays with you life long, but it is important the time with that friend become your life long memories.
Friendship is a bond between two hearts and this is such a bond that in every situation, be it happy or sad, the first one to come in your mind is that fellow. A true friend is that friend whom you have not categorized into best friend, close friend, etc. Also, it is not important that one who you think is your true friend, may think so. He may be just helping you as he likes to do so. And such people we call as friendly people.
I believe that a true friends are those who,

Fights for you
Respect you
Include you
Encourage you
Need you
Deserve you
Stand for you

Vriksh Panditpautra
Class: 10th
School: D.A.V. Public School, Thane West

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