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A Trip to Thailand

It was morning when we reached Thailand “The Land of White Elephants”. The driver came to pick us from the Airport to Hotel. Our hotel was situated near the Pattaya beach . Evening we went to watch alcazar show [a dance show]. It was a very good show. It was night when the show was over. The next day we went to the Coral Island. It was great fun out there. In Coral Island we did paragliding and undersea walk. After having the lunch we we went to NongNooch Village. There we went to see the Thai culture show. After that we went to the garden. There were many gardens such as French and European gardens. Then we went to our Hotel.The next day we went to the Safari world [zoo] and Marine park. There we saw many animals such as Siberian Tiger , White Tiger , Walrus , Seal , Sealion , Orangutan , Giraffe , Macaw etc. There we went to see the Orangutan show. It was very funny. After that we went to see the Elephant show. In that show Elephants painted pictures. After that we went to see the Sealion show. Then we reached Bangkok [The capital of Thailand] . The next day we vacated the Hotel. Then we went to see the Statue of Golden Buddha which was situated near the great King’s Grand palace. We were very delighted to see the Golden Buddha. After sometime we went to the Gems showroom. They showed us how the diamond, gold and other gems are formed and how they are polished. At noon we ate our lunch from a Thai restaurant. The Thai food was very delicious. Then we reached the Airport and came back to India. This was the best trip I ever had.

Adithya Rajeev
5-c Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan Pottore
Thrissur, Kerala

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