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Importance of Trees

In this busy world, full of industrialization is anyone bothered to care about nature, the days where people had a lot of trees around haven't they all gone? Are you a person who loves trees? Do you know the harm that will be caused if there are no trees? Isn't the health of the people being damaged, isn't it your responsibility to protect the earth as a human being?
Global warming is the term that we hear often. The increase in global temperatures is called global warming. It is caused due to deforestation. During our grandparents generation there used to be a lot of trees and they would not experience this much heat. No one is bothered in this world now to plant trees and care for them. The global temperatures are increasing due to increase in carbon dioxide because carbon dioxide causes heat. Carbon dioxide is increasing due to deforestation and less amount of trees. Lot of pollution is caused due to increase in carbon dioxide and this is also damaging people's health.
Our primary responsibility is to care for our environment. So please try to plant at least one sapling in a month to increase the amount of oxygen and maintain balance of o2 and co2 in atmosphere.

D. Ashrita
Grade: 6
Bhavans Public school,
Jubileehills, Hyderabad

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