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The World Of Cubes

It was the starting of our school when our G.K teacher, was telling us about a boy who set a national record for solving the 3 by 3 Rubiks cube. His time was 40 seconds. Just then the period was over and our teacher left, and another teacher entered the classroom.
When our school was over, I went home and searched for a Rubik's cube. I found an old cube in my cupboard. It was not so smooth, but I used it. Then, I searched on the internet how to solve the Rubik's Cube. I selected a video. I learned about the different faces of the cube - Front face, back face, left face, right face, down face and top face. Then I learned about the different notations like - F, F', B, B', L, L', R, R', D, D', U and U'. The meaning of F is to turn the front face one time clockwise and meaning of F' is to turn the front face one time counterclockwise.
Then I chose white as my top face.Then I learned the first step for solving the Rubik's Cube - The Top Cross. It was quite difficult for me to search the pieces but after some practise it was easy. I moved on to the next step - Top Corners. Finding the corner pieces was a bit hard.
In this time my father was observing me. He asked that till what time the fever of Rubik's cube will be in me. I said I don't know. He said me that he has ordered a Rubik's cube for me which was quite costly. I was very happy! Then I started to learn to solve the second layer of the cube. It had very long notations. Remembering those was didn't take me much time.
Then I got my new cube. It was very smooth. Then I started the next step which was The bottom cross. It was easy to make the bottom cross as it had very short notations. But then were so many steps that it took me about a day. But then the next step was orienting the last layer. It had very long notations and I had to see from where to do the step. If I do the step from wrong face, then I will have to start it again from the second layer. The next and the last step was swaping the edge pieces. It had the most long notation. Then after that I had solved the cube for the first time! After practising for a day I could solve the cube on my own. When I timed for the first time, my time was 3 minutes and 27 seconds.
There are many kinds of Rubik cubes. For example : 3 by 3, 4 by 4, gear cube, triangular cube, mirror cube, and the biggest cube is the 20 by 20 rubik cube.
Now my average time is 55 seconds. The world record is 5 seconds 55 miliseconds. I practice it everyday. It will take me a lot of time to increase my speed.

Gaurav Palewar
Class V
Bhavans Vidya Mandir Nagpur

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