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Numismatics - The hobby of collecting coins

Today my father has gifted me one coin album. I am very excited. But I didn't know anything about coin collecting. So, I asked my Papa. Papa told the hobby of collecting coins is called Numismatics.From coins, we can get information about the culture, economic condition of the people and other social activities.We may collect coins country wise or we may collect coins of our own country of different periods.
To get more information, I and papa searched the internet. I got many interesting facts about the coins that I want to share with you. Those are; Coins are made up of metals and are produced in mints (coin producing areas). Now India has 4 mints. The Calcutta and Mumbai mints were established by the British governments. The Hyderabad mints were established by the Nizam of Hyderabad and was taken over by the Govt. of India in 1950.Noida mint was set up for stainless steel coins in 1986. Though we became independent in 1947 we started making coins of our own from 1950. We can identify the mints from where the coin is minted by identifying the mint mark.Mumbai mint has a small diamond mint mark below the date of the coin.Hyderabad mint has a five pointed STAR below the date of the coin. Noida mint has a small dot and Calcutta mint has no mint mark below the date of the coin.
When I checked the mint marks on the coins, surprisingly I found some other type of mint marks on our coins. I found a ‘C’ mint mark on a 50 paisa coin and a‘M’ mint mark on a two rupee coin. It made me curious about the other mint marks of our coins. I told my papa and searched in the internet and found that the government of India issued many coins minted in foreign mints during the shortage of coins. These mints bear the mint mark of their origin like ‘C’ represents Royal Canadian mint and ‘M’ represents South African mint.
You may find many more interesting things if you observe the coins minutely.

Neel Datta
Class IV
Bhavan’s Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Vidyaniketan,

Words of Appreciation

Babita Saha Interesting, informative, educative article. Keep it up.
Nabanita ROy Chattopadhyay It's great Neel. And congrats. Keep writing such interesting articles. Nabanita.Aunty
Keya Ganguly Good and quite interesting. Keep it up Neel

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