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My Role as a citizen of Earth

Being the citizen of earth there are several responsibilities. My role as a citizen of earth is to protect and save the earth which is most important and necessary responsibility. God has created the earth for human comfort. Humans have to develop friendly relationship with nature and not enmity. If we do not save the earth human life would be over. We should be concerned about the health of our planet and be humble to save the earth. We should save the earth because it’s home for innumerable living organisms.

Measures to protect our mother planet earth

1. Avoid pollution:
It’s better to live in a clean healthy environment than a polluted one. Living organisms needs Atmosphere to survive. A gas like oxygen in atmosphere is required for the survival of living beings. Carbon dioxide is also needed to keep the plants alive. Pollution affects the life on the Earth. I will become an air pollution activist by joining local groups that work to avoid air pollution and find a way to get involved in my role.

2. Afforestation:
Plant trees that help to clean the air. Develop forests which will provide habitat for many animals. Plants are also economically very useful. The wood from the trees are used in manufacturing furniture. There are some medicinal plants that are used in Ayurvedic products. Aim to plant trees which will grow taller and provide shade.

3. Maintaining soil fertility:
Protecting the health of the soil by using cloth bags instead of plastic because it takes hundreds of years to decompose; as they decompose some toxins are released into the soil which reduces soil fertility. Use products which are renewable and reusable. Do not use chemical fertilizers it also hinders soil fertility instead use organic manures or bio fertilizers.

4. Work to stop mining:
Blasting operations are planned for mine plan, due to this land becomes unhealthy and landscapes will be destroyed. It also affects the habitat of flora and fauna. Stop mining by being politically active to stop mining in restricted areas of earth.

5. Resource depletion:
Social, economic and scientific developments of country are linked to energy sources. The conventional sources energy being used for long time are generally non-renewable. They include coal, petroleum, natural gas and electricity. We are using them so extensively that their reserves are depleting at a fast rate. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discover new deposits. So they should be used in a controlled way.

Another problem which I see is poverty. It indicates a condition in which a person fails to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. As a citizen of earth it is our responsibility to contribute our share to ensure all possible ways to overcome poverty. I would try my level best to reduce poverty in my country. If we really want to throw poverty away, we should stop speaking about it and take some measures.

Measures to reduce poverty:

1. Donations to poor people:
Donations are the best way to overcome poverty in small scale. I would open my own NGO to help poor people like providing food, clothes, education etc. By paying taxes which helps in the development of nations. Donating to trusted organisations so that it can be used in a useful manner. Live a simple life so that others can also lead a simple life.

2. Educating young people:
Education is the most effective way to reduce poverty. Education strengthens the abilities of individuals and makes them skilled to work and gain income to satisfy his wants.

3. Increase employment opportunities:
Unemployment is a situation in which a person is ready to work physically or mentally at a given wage rate but not getting employment opportunities. Hence increase in employment ensures a comfortable life.

4. Learn about money management:
Savings is a better way for betterment in life of an individual. I would try to save my income by spending money wisely and leading a simple life. I would consult a financial institution to create savings plan.
If all these measures are implemented by all the nations of the world then poverty can be reduced from the whole world.


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