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Corruption – the biggest evil

What is corruption? Corruption is nothing but what we do daily. When we give something extra to get something extra is corruption. When we speak a lie and to witness that we make false witness through valuables is corruption. Corruption is just as polio which affects a person at childhood and continues till the death. Corruption is a very big problem for India. It spreads from a small village to big cities.
Corruption starts from a common man, when he gives extra money to a conductor for instant booking, when he gives bribe to traffic police instead of paying fine and in turn it spreads to big politicians, when they take a responsibility of road repairing and making the quotation of more money than the original by giving extra money and keeping rest with them is a big corruption.
Due to corruption scams India has suffered a great loss of about Rs. 91060323400000 /- that is 20.23 trillion US dollars.
If this money is brought back, then India will become a supreme power overnight with no poverty and unemployment. No one will have to pay tax for next 20 years. Petrol, diesel and milk will be sold at rupees 25/-, 15/- and 8/- respectively. There will be around 1500 oxford like big universities and 2000 hospitals with all medicines free.
So say no to corruption. Do not give bribe and do not take bribe. Giving bribe and taking bribe both are crime. Spread this awareness among everybody.

Vriksh Panditpautra.
DAV Public school,
Thane west.

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