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School Life does not Prepare One For

School-- The word at once reminds us of homework, tests, exams and marks. Theses are the main features of today's schools. The education system is solely based on getting marks. School life is a burden on today's children even though it gives them education. The children have to lead a strict life with their main aim being to get higher marks. All these are very common.
But what actually is 'life'?
According to the dictionary, life is the state of active existence of a living being. But the way I see it, life is more than just being active.
Life is a glorious gift. It is a gift which should be used. It should not be kept on a showcase in case it falls down and breaks. Life today has become really competitive. But we can see that the people who come up in life are the people who have more common sense and presence of mind than the so-called highly educated people. Therefore school life does not really prepare one for life.
We have all learnt in school to obey teachers and elders and to follow their commands only. Teachers do not give us responsibilities because they think we are to young to make the correct decision. But this attitude is wrong. When we step out of school, we are on our own. There is no one out there to guide us. we have responsibility in our hands. But we are unable to make the correct decision because we never went through this process at school.
So how can school life prepare one for life?
Nowadays, people do not get jobs on the basis of their education. It is more or less like they adjust their education in accordance with the jobs. I know many people who selected literature and economics group during their schooldays. But now they are learning software programming, that has nothing to do with their schooling. The reason is obvious - only software professionals are in demand today.
Life is a process based on the theory 'survival of the fittest'. The fittest are the people who have common sense and presence of mind.
There are millions of people who are struggling to come up in life though educated. But we have seen people coming up in life without going to schools. The former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Mr. Kamarajar, never attended school. Same is the case with the great social reformer, Mr. Ramaswamy [better known as 'Periyar']. Winston Churchill failed in all subjects except English. Thomas Alva Edison was also a school drop-out.
These eminent personalities have proved beyond any doubt that school life does not prepare one for life.
At best, schools can only supplement in increasing one's knowledge.
But knowledge alone is not important. People should know how to make use of this knowledge.
This is what actually prepares one for life.

By Suprema Raj
Age : 14
Class: tenth
School: Sree Narayana Mission school
City: Chennai

Words of Appreciation

Jayanthi This is a well thought-out argument. What then is the alternative to school? Suprema, can you tell us how to change the school system so that it prepares one better for life?
Kochumole Dear Suprema, People are getting jobs according to their education only. One studies history, geography, economics, science and mathematics in school days. Later he may go for computer programming and become a programmer. The different subjects he studied in school days gave him a firm base without which it is impossible for him to study programming. To have a firm base one should study all these subjects during school days only. One has to struggle very hard to learn something later in life.
Harish Pai I agree with your feelings.  What you said is absolutely right. School-life doesn't prepare anyone for the challenge's the outside world places before you when you step out of school.  Compared to school and college life outside world is entirely different.  Only benefit of School and College life is that it makes one literate, educated, good mannered and an able citizen of India.  What improvement is needed, I feel, is that children shouldn't be forced on getting good and higher marks but they should be taught to understand the concept clearly. They should be forced to develop in themselves Quality Student and not Quantity Student. At the same time they should be allowed to take part in sports and extra-curricular activities which will expose them to some extent to the outside world and make them well prepared for the future.
Deepak I fully agree with you Suprema that one should know how to make use of knowledge. This is what actually prepares one for life. And that should be the aim of education.
Dawa Tsering I agree with the above statements written by Suprema Raj. It's well written and it's a great time to share your knowledge. Lastly, HUMAN KNOWLEDGE BELONGS TO THE WORLD.
Reshma Virani Hi Suprema, you know today your writeup has helped me out for my debate on education. THANKS... and I agree with your point of view.
Mrs. Vivian Das The views of the child have really started me thinking. But these views should be somehow or the other put across to the Govt. who are just experimenting with the lives of our children.
tannya yadav Hi,Suprema. You know you have helped me in my debate. The topic is, "school life is not the best stage of life. Thanks for this .Even I agree with You. Keep it up. See you then..!!!
Amy Williams I would just like to say congratulations on putting forward such a logical and interesting argument,,, I think that you have really hit the nail on the head with your comments. Congrats! keep up the interesting writing!
Lorraine Hi Suprema!!! You have helped me in my debate, thank you so much and you know, I agree with you, I reeeaaaaalllyyy do!!! You have some good arguments.
Nikita Sarin Good writing. By the way I have read the chapter-"life's a glorious gift"!!!!!
abaza Thanks Suprema, you have really wrote my comments of school and education. It's very obvious that you are a wonderful girl from your nice comments. Keep going on girl!!!
Jenny You are very talented and your english is very advanced for 14 year old Indian girl.....Respect
cryssie I agree with what you have said.
chetna I do agree with you Suprema but should schools have exams in order to know how much student has gained in whole year.
tamara Thank you so much I have a debate to do soon and you helped me so much. Thanks. You are an extremely talented writer at your age and you have a wide view of the world. You think outside the square. I too am 14 but I couldn't hope to be as talented as you. Well done.
Younes Keep up the good work according to your Grade its really Cool and good, You sure are talented...
Christina You make an excellent point, your paper helped me so much. Thank You
chantelle Hey thanks, for the awesome arguments you put through in this small but thorough article....really helped for my debating speech tomorrow! btw....completely agree with you ;)
sagar I think we should follow this article
Emma Hi there, thanks, your argument has just helped me heaps with my English debate! Wonderful points :)
Josh Ravindran I too have benefited from your point of view. If only more people expressed their views on relevant subjects over the. My Yr 10 English speech will be a lot stronger thanks to you! -Many Thanks P.S. I support you argument to the death.
Uzma Hi,You helped me a lot for my elocution thanks dear.

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